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According to Gartner (Miller, 2019) the following 10 strategic technology trends are predicted to shape the world in 2020 and beyond. Within the listed trends, we have additionally presented some guidelines as effective enterprise strategy. Workplace productivity (Shahid, n.d.) is a goal of those who aim to succeed (Shahid, n.d.) and we hope that the information here will help the readers in better aligning themselves with the future as it unfolds for them in actual.

Increased Augmentation

Similar to the BYOD (Evans, 2019) “Bring Your Own Device” concept that has empowered the IT workforce in companies for several years now, the “Bring Your Own Enhancements” concept is foreseen to evolve and will need to be catered for, by the company’s IT setup. Obviously, it would mean enhancement of the integration capabilities of the company’s enterprise software systems.

Greater Inclusion of the Disabled 

One of the wonders of modern technologies like AI is the development of suitable interfaces allowing persons with disability to communicate with computers, machines and other humans much more effectively, which they were unable to do beforehand. An obvious result is the availability of this additional workforce enabling the business to utilize the tremendous potential of these disabled persons and enabling them to become an effective member of the society.

Adverse Health Effects of E-Commerce 

The e-commerce platforms have been around for enough time now and we are aware of their addictive effects on the human mind which push people into financial stress and other problems. The matter has turned out to be a moral and ethical problem and calls for greater societal awareness and action. May it be an online shopping platform or your company’s CRM interface, taking caution would be crucial as social responsibility towards the customers.

Emotions Detection 

Technologies for emotion detection and recognition are already being seen and are expected to improve in the coming few years. Ads based on location and preferences etc. are already common but Ads based on the emotions of viewers at that particular time are expected to be the upcoming frontier for the advertising industry and the customer interface like CRM (Shahid, n.d.).

Behavioural Tracking

Human behavior can be quite accurately identified by applying AI on user interactions and online practices. The user data privacy is a major concern in this regard and the privacy must be respected and safeguarded, so as not to affect the organization credibility. It is more of a tight rope that organizations must walk on but is equally rewarding if handled wisely.

Application Exposure through APIs

Greater exposure of applications to their customers through APIs is going to set certain application providers apart from others. This holds true for the ERP (Shahid, n.d.) industry as well as for the general Applications. Far more professional workers will want to orchestrate their business application experiences. Application providers will need to offer accelerated product-style deliveries instead of offering a monolithic architecture to meet customer needs.

Mobile Banking 

Although a large chunk of the world’s population does not use banks, it is very likely that most of these people do use a smartphone. Consequently, it is understood that these people will have a great likelihood of using mobile banking owing to its convenience. This also includes the use of cryptocurrencies which can be handled using smart phones.

Blockchain Adoption to Fight Counterfeit Reality 

More and more products and applications will utilize the Blockchain technology to demonstrate authenticity and traceability. As the present-day figures show, the problem of deep fake technology is growing faster than the ability to detect it. As such, blockchain technology is bound to be adopted by enterprises as well as medium and small businesses. 

Governance of AI 

The AI/ML designing needs serious oversight and governance as is evident from the plan of 4 of the G7 countries to establish a self-regulating association within the next 3 years for this very purpose. It is even apprehended that incidents of AI-produced harm will affect hundreds of thousands of individuals in the course of the coming years.

Digital Transformation 

It is believed that the process of digital transformation will be more expensive and take longer to implement both by a factor of 2 in the time to come. The reason being understood is that most organizations are undergoing transformation all at once. Instead, it is suggested that the transformation is to be started with one project at a time until the process is well understood. The transformations can then gain momentum easily and be sped up. The key is to find the right balance in how much of the transformation can be done in parallel at any given stage.


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