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Tips for choosing the best ERP solution

ERP implementation is one of the toughest decisions for businesses to make. It not only costs a lot but is also a long term commitment because you cannot keep changing your firm’s ERP solution every 2 – 3 years. Here are a few tips you should look into when looking for the best ERP solution for your firm.

Let’s find out what are the tips and tricks for using the best ERP for your organization.

1) Mobility: Always look for ERP with options to use from more than one location. Always look for options which are connected with the internet. You should look for options that are accessible from anywhere and anytime.  It then becomes an ideal solution for executives and sales reps as they are always on the move.

2) Factor in Change management: ERP implementation project is a challenge for everyone in an organization. Change management is one of the most frequently cited success factors in ERP implementation. Hence it is crucial to send guidelines, set objectives and record hindrances for every employee. Technology and successful adaptation have seen the best implementation results. The best strategy for ERP implementation is to roll out a plan of action for every employee strategically. It is advised to set the right approach to accepting and embedding ERP into their departments. It is imperative to explain the importance of ERP, state the significance of humans in business and assure every employee that their jobs will not be replaced by machines.

3) Consider support options: Nothing in business and Technology is static so be sure that you go for an organization that gives proper support and fast response because you cannot rely on an ERP which does not come with support. Always look for Consultancy and development options.

4) Expandability: Always ask for expandability options because you don’t want a system that is going to stay stagnant while your business is growing. You always want your ERP system to grow and support you and not become a hurdle in your progress. It must be capable enough to integrate and support you in future enhancements.

5) Risk management: Always go for a stable ERP Business because you cannot keep shifting and changing your ERP every 2 years. You need a system that is going to support you for years and can also support you in case of emergencies, for example, data recovery.

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