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Security assessments through GLUON security app

Specialists of GLUON ERP security app routinely run security assessments on operational ERP systems and ensure that all the vulnerabilities of the software are detected and eliminated immediately. We seek for efficient compliance management solution to coherently run the software. We maintain a safe and secure app, with high levels of data consistency, our system helps to make your business secure.

Our security app to secure your business

Our security app continues to take a back seat in many ERP implementations; we carry out associated security, compliance, and segregation of duties audits. The software keeps track of the relevant inventory, vulnerabilities, compliance, and configuration settings, including access rights and password policies.

Full Access Rights

The biggest threat to businesses undoubtedly comes from external sources. Our automated security app detects in house ricks. The access rights and permissions are programed in our ERP system according to your business requirements. The software maintains audit logs to track changes and also adds authorizations to checklist for new hires, promotions and any role change documentation.

Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

Our security app is capable of handling wider range of information. We have installed two-factor Authentication (2FA) which omits the chances of hacking and cracking into system. We guarantee our users that the important, sensitive and confidential business data will have zero chances of getting exploited by any external force.
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