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Are you planning on buying ERP software in Lahore? Do you want to make your business flexible and more proactive? Do you know how important is ERP software for years to come? If the answer to the above questions is yes then you are at the right place.

ERP software has gained huge importance in recent years as the software market has reached to 41.69 billion worth. Many companies have chosen to use ERP software for the sake of their business. It not only adds value to your business but it will also help you gain a competitive edge. Some of the important uses of ERP software are:

  • It manages business functions within the integrated system.
  • It keeps a check and balance on the supply chain management and other important manufacturing track.
  • It manages all data into a single database for better analysis.
  • It also manages supply chain, inventory, financial management, and human resource into one system.

To buy ERP software in Lahore, GluonERP is the best choice for you. The features that we provide are:

·        Enterprise-wide Integration

The company takes full responsibility to provide you with business processes that are integrated end-to-end across all the departments within the organization. For instance, when a new order comes in the ERP software will automatically update the queries related to the product and will initiate a credit check, and most importantly it will update the schedule of the distribution. After this whole process, you will receive the invoice from the company.

·        Real-time Operations

ERP software works in real-time. As soon as the process takes place it makes it easy for the organization to identify the problems than and there. And so, it is much easier to identify the solutions and make the most out of them.

A Common Database

A standard database requires each department using the same data description because it belongs to and is used by only one organization. Gluon ERP systems have broken the physical database to increase performance. This is how our team performs better than many other ERP providing companies across the company. We have years of experience in this and are always here to assist and guide our esteemed customers.


Consistent Look and Feel

Earlier, the Gluon ERP vendors found that applications with a standardized user experience decrease training costs and seem to be more professional. Where an ERP seller purchases other software, it becomes normal to disregard the traditional look and feel instead of understanding its importance and keeping pace with the market. That is why; when new products join the market, Gluon ERP suppliers maintain a stable user experience.

It might be challenging for you to choose the best ERP software for your business. Nonetheless, the Gluon ERP system has made it easy for you to choose because our team of professionals provides you with the best advice and assistance. We make ERP implementation easy and beneficial for your organization across every department. We also offer training to facilitate the transition process.

Still, wondering why do you need an ERP software? Let us have a look at the reasons:

·        You can save more money if you buy ERP software in Lahore

Our ERP software unifies your system, which presently, is likely to be fragmented in your organization. There will be a single system for all your jobs, such as product development, inventory management, and paying staff. There is a central database that will help you retrieve all the information in a single unit. With a single system in place, you would be able to save money that you would end up spending on training the entire team on more than one system.

·        Better analytics

A single database that an ERP system will provide improves analytics and reporting. It makes for an excellent business intelligence tool since ERP records and stores all the data user’s input.

·        Improved collaboration

With the help of an ERP software, the collaboration improves the overall system. This will also reduce errors.

All the team members will have the access to company’s data. Also, there is no need to integrate data across different systems or sources. Since all information is analyzed, stored, shared, and obtained through a single system, there is also no concern about the accuracy, completeness, or security of the data files.

·        Improved inventory monitoring

The major challenge in any organization is its inventory monitoring. The ERP software during the supply chain utilizes barcode, RFID tags, and serial numbers. With the help of these, you can keep proper checks and balances on the inventory that is coming in and going out.

Improved productivity

If you chose the correct option, the ERP will simplify the most time-consuming tasks. The database in the ERP program removes repetitive functions, such as data entry, which enables the device to perform complex calculations in minutes. This frees up the resources of the teammates to do more hard work, the ROI when it comes to working. As a result, ERP increases the organization’s efficiency and productivity.

The implementation might be time-consuming but once the software installation is complete, and the work started, the positive things start to happen. The inventory management is all fine, the payment method becomes easy. It saves a lot of your money. The whole system becomes smooth and flexible.

Gluon ERP is involved in creating the following:

  • Ability to adopt an ERP solution without interruption
  • Back-end user interface
  • Conducting a wide range of tasks
  • Customer value
  • Delivering timely and adequate assistance
  • Ease of IT management
  • Reducing training due to intuitive nature
  • Responding to market trends
  • Scaling up to business demands
  • Smoothly merging data
  • Training quality
  • Working at or above industry expectations

This is how the whole process works. For more information and assistance with setting up the ERP system, you can always contact GluonERP. We always ensure that the transition from old systems or adapting to the new system is smooth for our clients. We guarantee customer satisfaction.

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