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Food Industry

Gluon ERP aids the growing complexity of the food and beverage industry, as well as the pressures for innovation.

ERP Software for Food Manufacturers

Gluon ERP is a site for different factories as well as for different businesses. It is a complete enterprise resource planning system, especially for small businesses. This ERP Software for food manufacturers will provide you with all the features, which will allow you to control your business from anywhere.

Gluon ERP will help you manage and integrate the important parts of your business, which can be the supply chain or quality of your product. Gluon ERP can manage a team of 51 to 2000 members. This software will facilitate you to manage your employees and production.

This software will help you to check your business resources ranging from scales to purchase to inventory management very quickly. Gluon ERP will help you to have a decision-making ability regarding your business deals. With the help of ERP software, you can fulfill your needs in terms of production, preparation, as well as managing the supply chain of your product. You can easily manage all your business resources with just one click.

This ERP system will increase your business reporting ability. Gluon ERP is the best ERP site in Pakistan for different production companies, all kinds of factories, and businesses. ERP is operations-oriented software and used to identify and plan the resources for the enterprise. Gluon ERP helps companies and different industries to implement resource planning by integrating different processes.



  • Material Requirement Planning
  • Vendor Maintenance and Support
  • Multiple companies/branches supported
  • Multi-Level/Variant supported
  • Delivery Management
  • Sequencing and Scheduling
  • Financial Management
  • Batch Management
  • Batch Traceability
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Planned vs Actual Analytics
  • Sales Order Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Receipt Management & Control
  • Forecasting, Budgeting and Planning reports
  • Service Order Management
  • HR & Payroll Management

About Our ERP Software for Food Manufacturers

Manufacturing industries create more economic value than any other sector. ERP system helps you in this regard by providing you with the business solutions that help you thrive. For instance, Gluon ERP helps in improving the supply management chain. It is the ideal ERP software for food manufacturers. This software also helps many industrial people in maintaining the quality.

GluonERP will help you to boost your business growth. The ERP software for food manufacturers provides you with full inventory and testing reports. ERP software for food manufacturers will increase the productivity of the food industry by regulating compliance. This software also helps your food industry in regulating the supply management chain, traceability as well as tracking, and many more factors.

Gluon ERP software will help you to manage the product planning along with materials and part purchasing. Gluon ERP provides a user interface for the whole organization to manage. ERP can help you in production scheduling, capacity utilization as well as in order management and procurement to expand your business.

Benefits of using ERP Software for Food Manufacturers:

Many factors make gluon ERP more beneficial than any other software. Two unique qualities of the software are its integration system and improved productivity. Based on these remarkable qualities below are some of the benefits of gluon ERP software.

  • ERP will provide you with a better corporate image along with improved customer goodwill.
  • This software will allow you to attain customer satisfaction regarding your product. It will help you to expand your businesses.
  • It will improve your supplier performance as well as increase your product flexibility.
  • Gluon ERP will help you in reducing the quality costs of your products.
  • Lead-time has a great role in purchasing as well as in investing. Lead-time is the time lap elapsed between placing an order to receiving an order. This time lap is very important for your business.
  • Another thing that is very important regarding running a business is cycle time. Cycle time is the time between receipt of the order as well as the delivery of your product. Using the system reduces this gap.
  • This software will help you to meet customer’s requirements for your product or any of your services.
  • Gluon ERP system plays a very important role in lessening the quality cost.
  • Through gluon ERP, you can improve your business processes.
  • ERP has all those systems, which will support your supplier’s management team as well as your control process that will help your organization in the management of product quality.
  • Through gluon ERP, now businesses are not limited to a single manufacturing method. You can now use multiple methods to enhance your product quality. Some other methods include make-to-stoke or make-to-order processes.
  • This software will provide you with better customer services and will boost your cash flows.

ERP System for Manufacturing:

You can enjoy many business benefits by implementing manufacturing ERP software solutions. You can have access to the information you want with your company’s system. Like for all kinds of financial as well as operational information. You can create a good supply chain along with increased inventory visibility as well as transport management tools.

You can improve your customer’s satisfaction regarding your product using gluon ERP software. If your customers’ satisfaction is declining about your food industry or your quality of food because of insufficient back-office operation then you can use ERP Software for Food manufacturers. Moreover, it will help you to maintain and regain your reputation back. ERP will allow you quick access to get information from different clients and business partners. Accurate reporting helps many companies in the budget forecast.

You can expand your business with a detailed forecast, which is based on real-time sale data with a master schedule to plan different material requirements. To have better business reporting or to reduce your product cost, you can use ERP software. One of the great benefits of ERP is that it will help in a free flow of communication between different business areas, real-time data reporting, and single-source information. These factors can be ineffective if a company does not implement them correctly.


Gluon ERP also allows its users to access the software through their mobiles. Gluon ERP software will provide you with great productivity, which can be easily analyzed and can be measured. It will help you to improve your company’s capability of producing quality products at a limited cost. ERP can integrate your business processes with a single system. ERP system promotes the free flow communication about the product and your organization. It will increase the synergies across the team as well as the department.

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