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How ERP is helping rice industry to channelize business process?

Challenges :

The Rice mill industries estimate the high turnover rate and constitute a major part of the industrial sector. Though most of the rice mill businesses are currently experiencing significant disruption in administering the data and is failing to execute proper coordination among the various departments of the company. As most of the firms manages massive and important turnovers on paper, it has become difficult to analyze the data and to maintain the data, which is why the firm losses its accuracy and authenticity. In rice industry, executions of varied operations is updated almost on daily basis that it why it is arduous for the employers to get precise results. This is the reason why companies are failing in enhancing the productivity and are unable to generate high profitability margin. The various business operations cater to rice mill industry are purchase, process, sales, administration, maintain accounts and reports generation on yearly basis for Audit. The business management processes are now facing some obstacles while performing operations manually. A business facing immense loss is mainly due to their lack of knowledge about integrated system and software available in today’s time. There are many production and manufacturing sectors in rice industry which needs to be interlinked and connected, data collected manually is not easily accessible by the employees of the firm and it is time consuming as well. Proper integrated and well federated systems can only a run a business smoothly.

Solution :

GLUON ERP system helps in quality driven controlled purchase and also seek complete tracking of production by products like husk and rice bran. The GLUON system supports seamless multi location mills and warehouses and gathers all necessary data together to keep the business unblemished. It also scrutinize complete tracking of manufacturing consumables, financial accounting for complete peace of mind. GLUON ERP system records proactive information from vendors. The software is user friendly software and thus easy to adapt. GLUON ERP Software contains all features like sale, purchase, inventory, accounting, GST Reports. It has a unique dashboard which shows all sale purchase reports. The user can see all reports at a single point because it shows cash flow, stock status, profit and loss there. Therefore, our system has improved much business productivity, providing transparency more importantly.

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