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GLUON ERP Software At Java Sweets And Bakers!

Java sweets and bakers are one of the best bakeries based in Lahore. They provide the perfect variety of flavored treats to satisfy their customers. Java sweets and bakers have been in the market since 1957 and have remarked its name by providing refined quality bakery products and sweets. It is one of the oldest bakers in Lahore. They are currently working at Raiwind Road Lahore. They provide excellent quality products at lower prices. Java sweet and bakers provide a full package of treats for the consumers on any occasion whether its Eid or a birthday. They believe in honesty, quality, and refined ingredients to satisfy the customers. They have several departments and a huge production unit where good numbers of employees are working.

Before the implementation of Gluon ERP software, java sweets and bakers were facing a lot of issues. They had no proper system of recording their data. The quality control system was not as effective as it should have been. They used to record their data by writing it down on books and making spreadsheets on time-consuming excel. Data vanishing was also one of the problems they were complaining about.  After the implementation of Gluon ERP software, a lot of their problems were sorted out.

So, let us discuss why java sweet and bakers cho.se Gluon ERP software for their company.

What are the reasons for choosing Gluon ERP?

Java sweets and bakers have a huge manufacturing unit from where they supply their products to their outlets. They have a good number of workers working in their production unit. After the implementation of GLUON ERP software, the organization has shown tremendous growth in terms of efficiency, employee reporting, and data recording. Time and energy are the two main components to run a bakery and GLUON ERP software helped us in saving both.  It helps in providing great ease to the employees. It also helps in recording the sales of items and running items in the unit as well as in the bakery.

The company is enjoying Gluon ERP software because of its user-friendly features and taking the business to the next level. It helps to have a check on how our employees are performing daily. GLUON ERP software is the most reliable and best ERP software in Pakistan for both larger and small-scale businesses which helps in manufacturing, finance, sales, import, export, cash, and bank departments. It is the ideal solution to run your business efficiently. Gluon ERP software is a must needed software to handle all the activities and entire business process of java sweets and bakers. Currently, the implementation of GLUON ERP software is only in their production unit but they are thinking of implementing it in their other departments as well because of the better ease for the business and all the employees.

Productive Implementation of Gluon ERP software at Java Sweets and Bakers! Gluon ERP is the best ERP System in Pakistan, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Africa, Europe, USA

How much will you rate GLUON ERP software after implementation at java sweets and bakers?

After the implementation of GLUON ERP software, the staff found it easier to handle, and the system started running smoothly and efficiently. It is very helpful in making good and informed business decisions at any time. Recording data was one of the main issues java sweets and bakers used to face, but after the implementation of GLUON ERP software, the recording has become very convenient.

Based on the employee’s experience at java sweets and baker’s gluon software deserves following rating.

  • The ERP system= 8 (all the user-friendly features)
  • Customer services= 9 (staff attitude and services at GLUON ERP software)

After interviewing the employees at java sweets and bakers, he rated GLUON ERP software approximately 7, 8 out of 10. According to him, the ERP system worked efficiently but the only problem they are facing is that the implementation is not at all other departments. Based on the results, overall employees are satisfied with their manufacturing unit from this software.

How the employees at GLUON ERP SOFTWARE Performed during the implementation of the software?

The staff at Gluon ERP software is working hard and provides the most effective solutions according to its range. The staff at the Gluon ERP system is very cooperative. For any software, to make a good reputation it must have a customer-first attitude. Gluon ERP has proven to have one of the best customer representation services which are open 24/7 to help the companies. Their employees are on time and their attitude towards customers is positive.

Java sweets and bakers are a well-known bakery only based in Lahore which provides the tastiest and fresh bakery products at affordable prices to ease their customers. GLUON ERP software has played an important role in the growth of java sweets and bakers. We focus on satisfying our clients because satisfaction is the main component to lead to success. GLUON ERP software plays an important role in saving time and energy both of which have boosted our business to a great extent. All the employees gave satisfied feedback about GLUON ERP software and we are looking forward to implementing this software at all our other departments in the future to comfort ourselves.

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