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OTC is a trademark with a history of delivering excellence to the industry by providing the best possible services. This journey spans for over 2 decades with OTC being the vendor of choice for all industrial equipment.

At OTC, quality is the first ingredient towards a long term sustainable business model, owing to which OTC has developed strategic partnerships with some of the best brands in the world.

The industrial equipment supplied by OTC is of the highest quality manufactured by the best and top brands of Germany that dominate in the industrial automation and machinery. We import in Pakistan’s cement sector, power sector, and sugar mills. There are almost 200+ clients. There is no industry in Pakistan where OTC is not working.

The business value offered by OTC has a wide, deep scale, industry focused and quality driven approach with a world class delivery capability.

Gluon ERP studied the OTC complete case prior and after the ERP implementation and here is the sneak peak of our client’s reviews.

What was the reason for OTC to Shift from Manual system to ERP?

All our system was simply manual. There was no adequate logging and commemoration program built on our machines. It was purely visual. Yet we require a good program for our business to have all the records. Besides, we needed something we can look at again-and-again to keep a check and balance of it all the time. It was a much needed thing as we grew extensively. Operations were becoming challenging with each passing day so we decided that it’s the time we should opt a proper system to ensure transparency.

Can you Highlight some of the major challenges faced by OTC prior to Gluon ERP?

  • Existing systems were limiting growth and tracking of inventory and stock requirements.
  • There were many products available in the markets but no product was meeting our vision and most importantly the team wasn’t competent enough.
  • We needed the ability to shift to a paperless environment and improved visibility for the management because earlier reporting was the main hassle.
  • keeping information at one place and making it centralized was the key factor we wanted it to be. We really wanted a standalone solution which automates our whole business.

Gluon team also got a chance to talk to operations manager and here is his view about OTC dynamics :

’We did not have any proper inventory system nor did we have any financial module. We had no proper obtaining program nor did we have any financial section. Furthermore, we collaborated with a free software first then we employed another tech firm but they did not give us the proper management program to handle our data. We could not handle our supply and chain business. This is necessary for our company to get all the documents recorded correctly because we require a proper balance sheet at the end of the year to properly run the overall system. ‘’ 

OTC case study of Gluon ERP Software. Gluon ERP is the best ERP System in Pakistan, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Africa, Europe, USA

How Long Gluon ERP took to automate your business the way you wanted?

It took 1.5 months for the financial module to complete the process. However, it took approximately 90 days to complete the whole program. Its implementation was in 2017 and we got a complete understanding of the software in 2018. We started the complete financial record set up on the software in 2018.

How efficient is the software from the reporting and decision-making point of view?

It is very useful for both the reporting and decision-making points of you. For example, if we make an income statement, there will be a proper percentage of profit and loss. Secondly, there is a reasonable cash balance analysis, from which we will conveniently provide any information on our reporting.

Are you using all its segments?

Yes, we are making full use of all of OTC segments including finance, sales purchase, inventory, ledgers, reporting, but we are still planning to work on the mobile app, as it is a technological ear.

How effectively Gluon has reduced cost cutting for your business? 

Compared to Gluon ERP  software, there was more labor in the previous software. Gluon ERP  is completely automated and mechanical and there is no distinction with having an excellent well-built program and doing it manually. Our workforce has decreased due to its implementation. Earlier 3-4 people were doing one job but now we have only one person to perform that particular job because the system has helped us big time to reduce the resource maintenance cost.

What Success factors the OTC has achieved majorly after implementation of Gluon ERP?

Gluon ERP has replaced multiple systems with one integrated system that covers the entire business. Our Finances are integrated with our sales and purchase management system. Also the stock is always up to date. Earlier the stock counting and issuance was a hassle of days but now it;s on a few clicks anytime. Apart from that Customer Management System is also helping us big time not to lose any deals and keep a track on all sales opportunities. From sale order to quotation and order tracking, there is no single operation which is not managed in Gluon ERP. We believe that our organization has made the right decision and that’s our success.

How was your overall experience with our team?

The Gluon ERP  software staff is extremely professional. The team was very helpful and treated our entire team to the client with absolute trust and encouragement. Of course, there are a few problems but our experience has been excellent overall. The demo at the start was very powerful so we preferred you like our software tool. It is very important from a company’s point of view to be punctual and respond to the clients actively and that is what kept us stuck to Gluon ERP .

We value the simplicity and service it offers for incorporation. In general, we get positive reviews from our team who uses this program. We look forward to its continued use and intend to expand its use in all of our business.

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