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Implementation and Success of GluonERP at Kasur Tanneries

Kasur Tanneries

Goat Finish Lining

Cow Finish Leather

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Kasur Tanneries has been in business since 1998. They began with the name Leather Cortex and changed their brand name to Kasur Tanneries in 2014. The new name symbolizes innovative excellence using the best technologies in leather production.

Kasur Tanneries specializes in Cow and buffalo split Seude Leathers, Cow and Buffalo finished leather, and Goad and Sheep finished leather for shoe upper, bags, garments, belts, and lining. The company also specializes in producing Cow and Buffalo Crust Leather.

Kasur Tanneries is an internationally recognized company. It has an average production capacity of 1.2M SQFT domestic and international exports. Countries they supply to include Poland, Germany, Turkey, China, India, Hong Kong, Thailand, and Taiwan.

Having used GluonERP for a while, we decided to have a short case study on their experience. Here are the details:

Please tell us a little bit about your company & what does your company exactly deal in?

We are working with the name of Kasur Tanneries Pvt. Ltd. The major work of our organization is to produce leather for shoes, bags, and Garments.

Please tell us about yourself & your role in Kasur Industries

I am Asrar Ahmad and looking after the operations of Kasur Tanneries. I think by “Kasur Industry” you mean “Kasur Tanneries.”

What Challenges Did Kasur Industry Faced before Using Our ERP system?

Before implementation of your ERP, Kasur Tanneries was working on manual and excel record keeping but after started the use of your ERP streamline.

What Was Your Experience Like During Implementation of GluonERP?

As it was a standard ERP module, we faced lot of problems e.g. so many fields, which were irrelevant. It required a bit change but Gluon ERP happily helped us very effectively during implementation process.

How would you describe the situation & changes the company has felt after implementing GluonERP?

The situation is far better comparatively than it was before Gluon implementation and after implementation.

Was the GluonERP Team Supportive During the Transition?

The support team is very cooperative although some developments are under process but support department always available with us.

On a scale of 1-10 please rate Gluon ERP & how likely are you to recommend GluonERP to others?

8/10. I would like to recommend GluonERP to others, as it is a complete solution for every business.

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