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Implementation and Success of GluonERP at UK Fashion

UK Fashion



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UK Fashion has been one of our most esteemed customers. When they opted for GluonERP, they were not sure how we could help. After using our software for several months, we had the opportunity to get a testimonial from Here is her testimonial in detail:

Please tell us a little bit about your company & what does your company exactly deal in?

UK Fashion is a textile company. We purchase fabric in gray form from different local parties and take dyeing and printing service from different textile industries. We provide fabric in the finished form, after cutting, embroidery, and packing them. We have an array of fabric types available in unstitched form.

Please tell us about yourself & your role in UK Fashion

I am Ms. Sundas Akram (CA Finalist) is the Manager of Accounts at UK Fashion.

What challenges did UK Fashion face before using our ERP system?

Before implementing GluonERP, recording all data entries was manual just like it is for shopkeepers. However, we are a textile company, and we needed more. There were no records of existing parties.

GluonERP enables us to close the season comfortably. In addition, it makes assessing profit and cost analysis easier.

Before using GluonERP, we were unable to analyze cost and revenue analysis at the end of the season and year-end. Now all data recorded exists and we have no fear of losing and mismanagement of data.

What was your experience like during the implementation of GluonERP?

Nice experience. In a very professional way, they train all accounts team. All issues were resolved on an urgent basis. We faced no problem from the side of the Gluon team.

Was the GluonERP Team Supportive During the Transition?

Gluon’s team is very supportive and cooperative. All the team behaves professionally.

How would you describe the situation & changes the company has felt after implementing GluonERP?

Surely, after this experience, I recommend the other to take the expertise of the Gluon ERP software team.

On a scale of 1-10 please rate Gluon ERP & how likely are you to recommend GluonERP to others?

Very likely. I would say on a scale of 1-10, it’d be 9.

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