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Predictive insight and analytics

Make the most from this ERP configuration Module

This configuration module manages several essential parameters which meets company’s core objectives such as financial components, work in process and customers’ database. Configuration is the most crucial part; it helps in the arrangement of indispensable elements in a particular form, figure or combination.

Increasing benefits and effectiveness

By configuring your ERP according to your business needs you can see how your system behaves with other integrated modules and ensure this configuration module helps in managing and running your business better.

Setting Up Parameters

Since every company comprises of different hierarchies they can set parameters according to their business’s needs. GLUON Software provides many elements such as transactions, logistics, employees’ record, unit of measures and so forth. The system assigns codes to the components to ensure accuracy for sales, purchase, service, and project transactions.

Streamline Your Process

Using configuration module, you can integrate your ERP with your CRM and enable them to share information automatically and in real time. Furthermore, this configuration module enhances features and capabilities which aids in streamlining processes and help in meeting long-term business goals.

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