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Gluon ERP – ERP for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing in Lahore to Boost your Business

They say that the world is going through one of the toughest times as the online market has revolutionized the trends of shopping. Now you do not have to stay in long queues to buy products of daily use; you can go to an online web store to purchase the product you want to get.

The best part is you get the product at your doorstep with no delivery charges. But if you are looking to invest in an online shopping store, you need to be fully aware of all the latest software to run your business. Many large-scale companies have transformed the online business model due to effective enterprise resource planning implementation.

If you are looking to implement ERP for Pharmaceutical manufacturing in Lahore, you need to be aware of all the latest functions ERP system should include. The basic principles of management include planning, organizing, leading, and controlling.

Before converting your current database into a new ERP based platform, you need to consider the number of departments within your business. We not only provide reliable conversion of your previous data into the new system but also provides the strategies to ensure customer loyalty.

Let us look at why ERP is for Pharmaceutical manufacturing in Lahore necessary these days and how GluonERP provides consumer satisfaction and customer success.

Better Visibility of Dashboard

Every business carries certain day-to-day activities that require to be monitored on a daily business. Due to GluonERP, you can view all those activities in the form of a dashboard if you need to look at the quantity of the chemicals available in the warehouse you can see it by clicking on the dashboard for ensuring proper control of ordering material in time.

Apart from that, you can also view the strength, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that your business might overcome and ways to eliminate it. You can also convey your messages to any group within no time.

Proper HRM Control for a Chemical Manufacturing Business in Lahore

There was a time when most people did not consider human resource management a core department of business, but now it is one of the most important aspects of any business. Human resource management means managing the resource in a proper way which includes, providing all the employee rights under the rule of law. This is a daunting task, but GluonERP has made it possible by providing solutions in the form of ERP for Pharmaceutical manufacturing in Lahore.

By proper human resource planning, you can easily manage various departments with the help of just a single software solution. Check the HRM section of GluonERP to learn the best strategies for boosting the revenue of your business. One of the toughest challenges in the industry is to hire top quality resources at an affordable cost. GluonERP provides a smooth flow of communication between the company and its employees due to which it is easy to set the right expectations.

Secure your business through the latest GluonERP solutions

It is necessary for an ERP for Pharmaceutical manufacturing in Lahore to keep the information secure and confidential for ensuring the truth and fairness of financial statements during an audit.

We provide a software solution that keeps the information in a cloud database, and access to sensitive data is just available to the authorized person. Without a secure business, your business will stand nowhere, so you need to be sure of all the sensitive content and information that you need to secure.

We provide a two-way check to ensure that your system does not get hacked. We take full responsibility for ensuring that all your business needs are met by providing fully automated two-way reporting.

Best customer service for value retention

The goal behind implementing ERP for Pharmaceutical manufacturing in Lahore is to provide the best customer satisfaction to get proper value retention. We provide 24/7 access to the customer service portal through which the customer can ask any questions whenever required.

Not only that, but you can also save conversations and improve the quality of your business, which will provide customer loyalty. By enhancing the value retention, your business will get desirable profits, and you will be able to maintain the best quality standards.

Keep proper controls for smooth functioning

We also provide the platform through which you will be able to keep a proper check within all the departments to see the employee performance. Depending on your evaluation criteria, we will provide you guidelines of appropriate checks and balances through which a daily, weekly, or monthly report can be prepared to see how the employees are doing overall. GluonERP knows how to keep proper checks and balances by providing all the necessary tools for proper functioning.

Create meaningful Metrics by the help of GluonERP

Preparing proper reports is not just an essential part of a business, but if there is no reporting in the chemical industry, it can result in many other problems. To create proper reports of inventory management, sales, marketing, HRM, and supply chain management, you need to navigate all the reporting sections and prepare the metrics that you require. We provide the best tools to develop reports with accurate stats and figures to ensure proper visibility of everything.

By implementing ERP for Pharmaceutical manufacturing in Lahore, you can boost the revenue and think about investing in other important sectors as well. We at GluonERP know how to provide the best platform where you can manage your entire business.

If you want to learn more about our tools and ways of managing the ERP system, we provide you can check with our customer service representative for better assistance. Depending on the number of employees, departments, and overall business size, we can offer you the solutions you require. Learn more about GLUONERP to achieve the best results.

Keeping the points above in mind, we can declare that the Pharmaceutical industry in Lahore has started seeing phenomenal growth. This means there is an increasing demand from export markets.

Since there are a lot of legal conditions in this market, it becomes necessary for pharmaceutical companies to be apt to react and to stay on top of their competition. There is an unsaid rule in this market. The faster the demand changes, the more flexible the company has to be. This makes it imperative to buy ERP software for the pharmaceutical industry.

In recent days, the growing demand for enhanced pharmaceutical products has led to a highly competitive market. This makes it important to use an ERP system to maintain all processes. GluonERP is one of the most powerful business management processes in Lahore.

Our ERP system allows pharmaceutical companies to integrate it and automate the main functionalities in the organization. It facilitates a flow of information across the entire company, permitting the sharing of information with a simple click.

The decision to buy ERP software for the Pharmaceutical industry enables optimal usage of all resources. It results in higher efficiency, better performance, and transparency. It makes it easier to track batches, sales, inventory, purchasing, accounts, quality assurance, compliance with regulatory reporting, etc.

Based on the responses from some of our customers who decided to Buy ERP software for the Pharmaceutical industry, GluonERP has proven its worth. There is no doubt that it allows better predictability, profitability, and efficiency in different ways. It gives access to real-time information, is user-friendly, and provides a collaborative environment.

GluonERP Makes Facing Challenges Easier

In the pharmaceutical industry, there are three most commonly faced challenges that GluonERP makes easier to handle. Here is how the decision to buy ERP software for Pharmaceutical industry helps:

Purchase and Procurement

Knowing when the stock levels are low and when new purchase orders for ingredients have to be made is necessary. Timely reminders of purchase and procurements ensure that the company never runs out of the supply of necessary agents.

Moreover, it helps keep track of vendors and manage their orders with timely deliveries. The additional benefit of using GluonERP is that tracking invoices is very easy and reduces the risk of miscalculations or losses. Knowing what goes on in real-time can help pharmaceutical companies make informed decisions on their stocks, purchases, and procurement.

Imported Products

Sometimes, pharmaceutical companies have to import special medicines. With GluonERP keeping track of stocks and inventory, they can manage the restocking of their imported products efficiently. It takes time for orders to arrive. With an ERP system in place, managing importations has become much easier for pharmaceutical companies in Lahore.

Point of Sale

In some cases, the use of Point of Sale also proves to be a good idea. We have some pharmaceutical companies that sell to their customers through outlets in Lahore. With an ERP system with the POS feature, managing sales and financial growth are much easier.

If you are a pharmaceutical manufacturer, then GluonERP will prove very useful. Feel free to request our free demo.


For many years now, online shopping has made its way in every industry. It has made it easy for the buyers as well as for the sellers to buy and sell. Online shopping was never this easy. For manufacturing industries, there is a whole process where you get all the items delivered at your doorstep. With the help of an ERP system, large-scale companies have revolutionized the online business model. If you are planning to implement ERP software for pharmaceutical manufactures in Karachi, you are in the right place.

The key features of the management include leading, controlling, planning, and organizing. It is important to know how many departments are there in your organization before you plan to implement an ERP software system. GluonERP is one of the best ERP software suppliers in Lahore. We believe in customer satisfaction. We convert the previous data into a completely new system, which makes the running of the business smooth and efficient. The need to have ERP software for pharmaceutical manufacturers in Karachi is not something you can compromise on nowadays. This is because it facilitates better productivity and better management.

Features of the Best ERP Software for Pharmaceutical Manufactures

Let us discuss the features you will find in our ERP software for pharmaceutical manufactures. These features will benefit you, whether you are a business in Lahore, Faisalabad, or Karachi.

Dashboard view

Each organization carries out such day-to-day operations that are recorded on a daily business. You can view all those activities in the form of a dashboard because of Gluon ERP. If you need to look at the number of chemicals available in the warehouse, you can display it simply by clicking on the dashboard to ensure that the purchasing material is properly monitored in time. Besides, you can see the power, vulnerabilities, possibilities, and challenges that your organization can resolve.

HRM control for industries in Lahore

There was a time when human resource management was not considered a key business unit, but now it is one of the most important elements of any business. Human resource management means the proper management of the resource, including the provision of all employees ‘ rights under the rule of law. This is a challenging job, but Gluon ERP has made it possible to provide solutions in the form of ERP software for pharmaceutical manufacturers in Lahore.

With proper human resource planning, you can easily manage different departments with the help of a single software solution. Just look at the HRM section of the Gluon ERP to learn the best strategies for boosting your business revenue. One of the biggest challenges in the industry is to hire high-quality resources at an affordable cost. Gluon ERP provides a smooth flow of interaction between the employees and its customers, making it easy to set the right expectations.

Secure Your Business through the Latest Gluon ERP Solutions

To ensure the truth and fairness of financial statements during an evaluation, ERP software for pharmaceutical manufacturers in Karachi needs to keep the information safe and confidential. We provide a software system that maintaining and restoring in a cloud database and only the authorized person has access to classified information. Without a secure business, your business will be out of place so you need to be certain that of all the sensitive information and data you need.

By delivering fully automated two-way reporting, we take full responsibility for ensuring that GluonERP meets your business needs.

Experience Using ERP for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

It is quite difficult to manage a pharmaceutical business, especially as it is one of the most dynamic and highly controlled industries of today. There are so many challenges that a company might face when it comes to its functionality and keeping a record. To avoid all kinds of challenges and human error, ERP software is the best solution for the pharmaceutical industry in Pakistan. For many years, companies were using manual database systems but online industries have revolutionized which has changed the entire manual system into an online ERP system.

Modern pharmaceutical firms implement ERP systems to assist with processes such as distribution functions, batch manufacturing, quality assurance, inventory management, and accounting.

How well does it handle the system in a pharmaceutical company?

ERP handles data from the initial order until the expiry date. It handles the coming in and going out of the stock. Most importantly, it automates the tasks related to sales and billing.

ERP modules for the Pharma industry

This covers the following aspects of management:

Inventory management

In an organization managing, inventory is the most important thing. With the ERP solution, the real-time inventory situation is clear and you will know about the shortage of the inventory before time.

Supplier overview

In this module, the ERP system manages the record and history of the stock, including supplier history. It manages the history of the stock purchased and dispatched to the companies. It tracks stocks bought in advance.

Alerts for expiry

The ERP software will manage the whole system to keep a record of expired medicines. It can also send out messages for expiry alerts.


Data and reporting

ERP system helps manage the data and reports of all transactions made within the organization. Reports that include the stock report, sales report, and batch report.

Moreover, ERP would benefit from improved transparency in all business processes that include streamlining manual workflows, eliminating human error, and the ability to forecast and optimize operating costs in the pharmaceutical industry.

An ERP also helps with basic data processing for example it can track and automate the inventory process from the initial order to the expiry date. Finally, more routine activities like payroll, revenue, and billing can be automatic with the help of the ERP.

Additionally, pharmaceutical manufacturers rely on providing versatile software solutions. Since most pharmaceutical firms also operate in more than one country. As a manufacturer, you must have enough versatile applications to cater to the various rules within the organization.

With GluonERP software, you can have the best features for your company. It will help the organization to increase its efficiency and productivity. With the help of our experts, you can map down all the important requirements needed for the Pharmaceutical industry. To save your time and select the right ERP software company in Lahore that is GluonERP. As we believe in making our customers satisfied and happy with our service for your business to stand out amongst the rest.

ERP Software for the Pharmaceutical Industry

ERP software helps the pharmaceutical industry to streamline its process and production. This industry is bound to follow compliance regulations that include quality maintenance, safety, testing, and most importantly marketing. Apart from this, there are some other important challenges, which a company faces. These are healthcare reform, customer demands, latest market trends, administration system, and overall competition. The ERP software for the pharmaceutical industry helps the industry to handle difficult tasks and maintain the system of the organization more efficiently. ERP software helps connect different departments, which leads the company to have a better workflow and enhances the efficiency of the business.

Therefore, the pharmaceutical industry can reach greater benefits with the help of an ERP software system. Customer is always looking for first-rate products at lower prices, so the organizations have reduced the cost, streamline operations and increases the efficiency overall that helps the company stay in the marketplace. Due to the success of ERP software for the pharmaceutical industry, the demand has increased. Some of the common and most important processes include tracking, sales, marketing management, supply chain, revenue tracking, inventory management, financial management, and cost optimization. The main process of ERP software is that it gathers real-time statistics and provides access to different departments. The software does not only help the company to show its functions but enhances the transparency of the company as well as its systems.

The organization’s new capabilities with the help of ERP software include:

Regulatory compliance

The software makes the company strong and empowered as it helps in the growth of the business overall. Besides, ERP software helps businesses to meet compliance and quality requirements. When we talk about ERP software for the pharmaceutical industry the software is designed accordingly which enhances the business model. It also meets industrial requirements and government guidelines.

Inventory management

With the help of ERP software, the Pharma sector decreases the waste product and manages the inventory management procedure. It sanctions them to maintain material and manage the whole system effectively. The batch tracking system helps the ERP system to monitor from start to end of the processes.

Quality control

Quality control for any organization is the most important thing. ERP software for the pharmaceutical industry improves the production system and manufacture first-class products and services. This will help the company to grow and overcome the challenges. ERP also maintains the quality control system, controls the overall system, and tracks the overall system for better production.

Sales and promoting

ERP can also handle the sale and marketing process. It streamlines the marketing process and helps in the management system. It automatically transfers the information from other departments to maintain the workflow and enhance the overall production of the company. Sales and marketing departments in an organization play a major role.

Document management

Document management has gained great importance in the Pharma industry. It has helped the companies to record data, audit available data, and analyze the documents available within the company. It offers a database for the organization, which is centralized as it; helps the departments collectively to behave for quality purposes.

ERP software for the pharmaceutical industry modifies the overall system of the company to perform more actively and effectively. It not only helps in formulations but also fulfills the business requirements. ERP software is a powerful tool for many organizations. It has made its place in the Pharma industry due to its complexity and vast system. It acts as a skeleton for your business as others might not see it but you will be able to run your system based on its functionality.

We all know the Pharma industry is a complex one. To manage the overall system of the industry and maintain its tasks an ERP software is important. The basic role is to manage the batch production. Once the batch comes in; the system verifies it and manages the overall production system. It then takes care of the batch tracking which increases flexibility and maintains a supply chain management system.

To choose the right ERP software for the pharmaceutical industry just look at the features it offers. GluonERP is one of the most amazing software for the Pharma industry as it fulfills the overall needs of the organization and increases transparency. It also helps the industry to manage the data very easily. The automation system can boost the overall functionality of the business and helps the company to run smoothly.

Lookup for better leads for your businesses to enhance the overall working of the process and maintain the results as it is going to be extremely beneficial for the company’s growth and Pharma industry overall. GluonERP helps its customers by providing them with the most affordable pieces and sticking with its clients until the end to help them set up and increase the functionality and productivity.

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