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How ERP is helping Chemical Industry in Pakistan to streamline processes and operations?


The chemical industry in Pakistan is a highly process-centric and complicated sector. The businesses which are operating or planning to operate in this domain need customized business solution to streamline their diverse operations. The complexity can create problems for any industry and can become a major preventing factor within the chemical industry. Isolated structures, dispersed and unorganized systems, lengthy personnel time wasted on data mining, and a lack of streamlined approach creates lead times and staff inefficiencies. This demands for the technological transformation! A one-stop solution that could redefine how chemical industries in Pakistan operate. There needs to be a solution that can streamline all operations, integrate all departments and automate ground level processes to improve and sky-rocket the progress.


Gluon ERP is one of the best ERP solutions available in the market and in current technological realm in Paksitan. It is helping the chemical industry in Pakitan to take major leaps forward with its deep analytial attributes and robust operating capacity. The industry-specific solution known to integrate all systems. It processes complete data points and streamlines all operations, which assists the decision makers to make informed decisions about critical matters in their business. Our ERP solution for chemical industry leverageas business’s processes with unimaginable benefits. Providing solutions like complete business integration, compliant service and quick to deploy stock handling solutions while simulataneously managing finances and inventory, culminating incredible efficiency. Some distinctive features of GLUON ERP for Chemical industry are inventory tagging, location tagging of raw and finished materials. Tracking complete procedures, along with packaging, procurement and monitoring, from start of production to last mile delivery.

The chemical industry in Pakistan needs a one-stop solution for all its issues. Pakistan’s best ERP solution also provides consistent data formatting, real time reporting across the organization, record formulation and major variance alerting. Organizations in this industry need the control that allows them to maintain minimum stock and cost in line. This needs to be achieved without missing out on any profitable opportunities. GLUON ERP manages stocks seamlessly and predicts future demands through assessing patterns and fluctuations. GLUON manages and on-time payments to all major stakeholders by automating all processes, which brings everything to a one-click solution.

One of the biggest issues faced by chemical companies in Pakistan os government regulations, formulations and industry regulations. Gluon helps you maintain these documents, set benchmarks to meet and alert when surpassing minimum requirements to safeguard the business against unforseen issues.

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