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How ERP is helping cold storage industry to achieve better performance?

Challenges :

The cold storage industry is usually preoccupied and for some part of the year run on less than 50% capacity. Achieving optimum capacity and streamlining operations to reduce cost is one of the most important issues the cold storage industry in Pakistan faces. This raises demand for ERP solution for the cold storage industry in Pakistan.

Many organizations in the sector face problems such as manual work along with little to none SOPs. These inefficiencies create problems like poor cold storage management and inward and outward deliveries. Some operational issues include sending notifications to the supplier, agent and customers,  and notifying staff about fluctuating demands. Hence the cold businesses face a set of challenges to improve overall efficiency, optimize inventory turns, and maintain profitability in a highly competitive environment. These issues are accompanied by several government regulations, the requirement to maintain a highly consistent environment across all four seasons. Along with these, there is the need to document flawless performance when managing perishable food products such as seafood, meat, dairy, and produce. Therefore the industry is ought to adapt well-systemized software to run the business profitably and efficiently and needs and ERP solution for cold storage industry.

Solution :

GLUON ERP solution for cold storage industry streamlines operations and makes them transparent to all. Our integrated system takes care of your warehouse management, along with retrieval management using hand held devices, which make tracking and retrieval of goods faster and more efficient. GLUON ERP solution for Cold Storage Industry is useful for cold storage companies to increase quality and accuracy of information. It assists you in giving up-to-date information regarding account and stock position of any item. Gluon handles your finances / accounting, sales, services, manufacturing and customer relationship management in one place. The systems caters branches like customer stock detail, goods inward and outward management, notifications to customers ,vendors and suppliers. The system also incorporates remainders about payments, invoices and checking up on daily inward & outward details. GLUON ERP software automates logistics processes in your warehouse, making it run efficiently and seamlessly with minimum administrative involvement, which lowers cost and improves quality.

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