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How ERP is helping Engineering to drive growth & innovation?

 Challenges :

An ordinary person view’s engineering as the application of mathematics and science. However, it is much more than a few equations. Engineering has become a strong industry driving growth and innovation all over the world. Engineering industry is full of exciting new possibilities and opportunities. Just like other industries the engineering industry is facing challenges in managing complexity. Change has become the only constant variable in an industry which is leading the world in innovation.Continuously changing industry dynamics and inefficient management form the basis of all major complexities. A poorly put together work schedule subject to numerous changes can result in missed deadlines and high costs. Missed milestones can result in cash flow problems, increased labour and material costs. Fluctuating market conditions and economic uncertainty in the currency market make estimation a difficult task especially if the major components and materials are imported. Quotation estimate overrun can lead to an organization starting on the wrong note.


GLUON ERP is a complete Enterprise Resource Planning System, helping the engineering industry make right business decisions, automating business process and managing daily operations. GLUON ERP provides software solutions which manage various aspects of the engineering world. Our Asset Management software tracks the financial, contractual, and inventory details of hardware and virtual infrastructure – as well as non‑IT assets. Asset management allows for effective work flow and project management. GLUON’s Cash management services manage your cash flow & finance your inventory. Onsite operations can be optimised with GLUON ERP Site Management which is a specialized set of project management applications for onsite projects. Importing components and materials can be difficult GLUON provides a comprehensive solution to streamline your customs and clearance process through GLUON Import Solution. GLUON provides a Business Intelligence solution which integrates, technologies, practices to enhance the organisation’s analytical capacity.

GLUON ERP will allow the engineering industry to optimise their processes and operations. Organisations will be enabled to concentrate on their core competencies and not just end up wasting time with daily business activity. Mundane tasks such as managing payroll, looking after inventory, managing basic cash flow etc. should not be any organisations main business function. The human resource within the organisation should concentrate on business development. In the engineering industry business development is not just sales or securing projects but is developing real tangible solutions for real world problems. Innovation can only come through exercising your core not by mere activity. GLUON ERP provides a comprehensive and integrated solution allowing an entire industry to reach its full potential. GLUON ERP is the key through which the engineering industry can unlock the door to infinite opportunities.

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