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How ERP is helping steel manufacturers to record complex processes ?

Challenges :


Steel manufacturing industry has witnessed a rapid growth which has resulted due to the increase of its operations over the last few years. The increase in demand is due to the usage of steel as one of the most sought after material for any infrastructure. The industry has to perform several complex processes and tasks to deliver the final output. It becomes a challenge for the steel industry, in a period when the infrastructure project depicts an encouraging growth, to meet and maintain the demand and supply. Often the unavailability of raw materials are coupled with rising costs, giving high competition to their survival in the competitive market.

Automation in manufacturing process has become quite a common practice, using the best technology to meet the increasing demand for quality products. While these quality products needs advanced planning solution, the pioneers in web-based ERP solution have developed and launched an exclusive ERP solution to cater every need of discrete manufacturing industry.

Solution :

GLUON ERP system is the best software that will guide in all these native problems of the company and provide a permanent solution. There are many benefits a steel manufacturing industry can derive by implementing GLUON ERP solution. Main advantage of GLUON ERP implementation is the Company-wide Integration in the steel manufacturing industry. This prominent feature of GLUON ERP solution enables the industries like to perform their critical manufacturing operations, from procurement to handling of raw materials, followed by their manufacturing and transportation of these manufacturing orders. GLUON ERP for steel industry can also address the production processes wherein the users can also keep a track of multiple planning strategies and records in a quick and easy way. Further, the system can also streamline supply chain and inventory management and makes tracking the same much simple. It also helps the steel manufacturing industries to forecast and measure the adequate amount of supply chain required for its production process. Moreover, the flow of information is another highlight of the ERP system. For a successful operation critical information is to be transmitted among each and every department of the steel industry and also authorizes the concern control to take quick decisions, without any time loss, whenever necessary. GLUON ERP allows easy and quick transmission of data among its users. With this flow of information, it provides full transparency to owners and business managers, giving them a 360-degree view of all the critical processes and data. GLUON ERP for steel manufacturers also helps to handle all the cumbersome administration and production processes in an efficient and cost effective way. For instance, GLUON ERP manufacturers can seamlessly check the availability of raw materials within their inventory after the creation of Bill of Materials. The software also ensures the transparency and reliability of every ongoing manufacturing order in its operations. Furthermore, GLUON ERP solution helps a steel manufacturing industry to indulge in the production process. The Master Production Schedule helps the manufacturers translate every demand of its customers to an action plan, from facilitating a complete production platform to its allocation of resources including raw materials, machinery and others on time and its processing.

Apart from meeting the challenges of heavy demand in the market, the industry is also facing the high operational and maintenance costs. The effective ERP solution therefore, is integrated with modules that provide a protective shield for steel manufacturers to perform their operations while maximizing their productivity, reducing their wastage of resources and earn profitable returns both technically and monetarily.

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