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How ERP is helping textile industry to automate the whole process?


Challenges :

 Traditionally, the Textile industry has been highly concentrating its efforts towards design and manufacturing of clothes as well as distribution and use of other materials. However throughout the last few years with the introduction of E-commerce and its exponential growth, competition has become more fierce, bringing in more production and complexities along with it. The industry has expanded vigorously towards flexibility and rapid response. Achieving them requires essential and dynamic changes to the management and its process.

Currently, many textile organizations are facing a handful of problems both at a Micro and Macro level, tracking down their inventory, material planning and organizing, production schedule and payroll management. Starting from the pre-production stage and moving on to the product manufacturing, to make the process simple and effective.

Solution :

Incorporating Gluon ERP solutions to their system can be carried out on a vast array of operations in the Industry to maintain quality standards and sales turnover. Using such solution/software to your benefit by managing a business in a systematic way for example by managing all operational level tasks such as, well arranged production and inventory keeping in mind the various stages of production are all linked under one roof. One of the major operational aspects that needs control is Inventory and Warehousing, using Gluon, businesses will save up time and increase their efficiency by utilising their resources effectively and optimising the management of quality of goods in each of their storage location, also benefiting the operations of E-commerce facility by providing distinctive feature of picking and transporting goods for sales. With Gluon Solutions efficiency of managing processes through creating and keeping records for every time a change or a progress takes places. Most importantly it will help you identify and tracked down technical errors that cause instability in the process and a solution to your business.

Industries like Textile rely heavily on Human Resource and to manage them is a task that is depended on time and money. Using a solution suitable for this system, textile owners will be able to measure their Human resource through proper quality control and time management by creating a business routine so flexible increasing human accuracy through utilizing the services of people. Parallel to this, payrolls are an integral part to Human Resource Management because workers demand salaries and bonuses on time and working with a large number of workers requires an efficient payroll system that is directly linked with each of the workers business responsibilities. When integrated GLUON solutions will enable firms to streamline their daily operations. GLUON ERP will allow you to invest your human capital in the most rewarding manner.

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