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Implementation and Success of GluonERP at Universal Dental PVT LTD

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Universal Dental is one of the leading and pioneer dental companies in Pakistan. It offers a vast array of medical products to fulfill dental needs. This organization is a one-stop store for all dental equipment. This made using a ERP system important for this giant company.

Aside from dental supplies, Universal Dental also enjoys a remarkable reputation as one of the suppliers to the World’s renowned brands like Kohler, Hager & Werken, Septodont, WaterPik, Ivoclar Vivadent, Cavex, AHL, Bego, Kemdent, Fava, Mr. Dental, Scitem, PD, Prima Dental, TDV, and others.

Universal Dental also supplies medical equipment and supplies to various dental clinics, army institutions, hospitals, and other suppliers nationwide.

Over the years, Universal Dental has made a remarkable reputation for its credibility and goodwill towards its customers.

To make their process management better and to streamline different aspects of the business Universal Dental turned to GluonERP a dependable ERP system.

What Challenges Did Universal Dental Face Before Using Our ERP system?

We deal in Dental products. We are a dental supply company that deals with Dental Institutions and Hospitals.

Challenges that we were facing before implementing the ERP system were keeping an updated record of Batch and Expiry reports of Products, maintaining up to date orders and pending deliveries to institutions, integration of departments such as inventory, sales and marketing, Accounts, and CRM/ task management in one place. We wanted everything to be up-to-date in real-time, as before there was a lack of integration in some parts and we faced some delays due to that.

What Was Your Experience Like During Implementation of GluonERP?

At first, we took a long time to ensure that, the product was according to our requirements. We did very strong pre-testing and tested all scenarios that came to mind, but during the implementation phase, many things became known, when we started using the product.

Implementation of new software means new SOPS for the employees. Somewhere the company has to adjust. In other cases, there is the need to customize the software to be able to blend in with the operations of the company.

It took a few months after implementation before we achieved total acceptance of the new ERP system among our staff. Due to custom requirements, e.g. Batch Expiry from the beginning until the end of the supply chain and dealing with various institutions we had to customize reports to match our requirements.

Was the GluonERP Team Supportive During the Transition?

During the transition time, patience and strong motivation are required which we had from within our company and from the team at Softbeats. During this phase, the errors and bugs previously unidentified caused some problems; however, they were also resolved.

How would you Recommend GluonERP?

We will highly recommend this ERP system. Gluon ERP is a recommended product for companies who want to manage all operations and want strong reporting on all aspects of their business. The good thing is that Softbeats have skillful development and support teams that can solve any problem when and if it occurs. They are always motivated to find the solution to the problem their customer faces.

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