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What Is a Two-Tier ERP Framework and How Your Business Can Benefit From It

The two tier erp (enterprise resource planning) is a system an organization uses to integrate and run two ERP systems at the same time. One of the systems is a legacy application (1-tier system) and the other a system managed at a lower level. You may want to know what the benefit of running a two tier ERP framework is. The main goal is to attain a comprehensive and robust ERP system, which works at a corporate level with cost-effective solutions that are flexible, and agile.

AROMAERP is a global two tier ERP solutions provider, which gives you all the solutions you need at the financial and corporate levels. Here is a closer look at the Tier-1 and Tier-2 systems in AROMAERP and some ways they benefit your business.

Tier-1 ERP System

This system is for global business enterprises that have local offices in different regions. Its design is such that it can handle complex tasks like enabling multiple people to work on the same task. Configuring these systems is very complex and can take longer to implement. They often come at a higher cost of ownership. AROMAERP is one of the reputable Tier-1 ERP systems available.

Tier-2 ERP System

This system aims to meet the needs of the core processes of the business. These include sales, finance, HR, marketing, operations, and supply chain. A tier-2 ERP system is less complex, cost-effective and costs less than the Tier-1 system. It is less costly because it offers fewer functions than the Tier-1 system does. Nonetheless, the tier-2 ERP system enables a business to meet needs such as retail, operations management, and distribution.

Advantages of Two Tier ERP

Quick integration – These systems are quick to integrate and take half the time the tier-1 system takes.

Easy to customize – They are easy to customize according to the needs of any business module. The system design or user interface is user-friendly. You can reduce the system to only those processes your end-users need to do their job efficiently, like the processes, core data, and functions. This makes the two tier ERP very flexible and budget-friendly.

Streamlined back office functions – With this system, you can minimize errors in CRM, financial and ecommerce processes.

Get value for your money – You get more for your investment in a two tier system than you get in a one-tier system.

Implementation is cost-efficient – The two tier strategy cuts costs and saves your time.

Simple and easy to understand – You do not need to feel overwhelmed by the user-interface or complexity of the system. Two-tier systems are efficient and offer transparency across the entire office. You can easily look up the requests for support, administration processes, and updates on different tasks in your company.

When you decide to use a comprehensive two tier ERP like AROMAERP, you can be sure to get value for the money you invest. They enable you to give your customers what you want to give them and what they need while you cut costs and manage everything efficiently with minimal or no errors.


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