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For many years now, businesses have started to be more productive. Due to which the ERP system has started to gain more attention because only the ERP system makes it more efficient and productive. ERP software combines the whole process in an organization into one unit.

ERP software implementation is known as the backbone of the organization as it strengthens the whole process. Before you decide to implement an ERP system there are some activities you should consider:

Step 1: To determine the needs of the company by evaluating the availability of hardware, software, databases, and in-house computer skills, managers must perform a feasibility analysis of the current situation, and make the decision to incorporate ERP where integration is necessary.


Step 2: The second main task includes training and hiring of end-users during the implementation process.


Step 3: Managers from the project team must lead the process who are part of all the functional areas.


Step 4: At Gluon ERP, our team of experts will determine the appropriateness of implementing an ERP system once you decide to implement ERP software.


Step 5: Before implementing the ERP system, all companies need appropriate staff and manager training, stakeholders, including managers, end-users, consumers, and suppliers. Usually, such training is personalized and either internal or external trainers can give it. With Gluon ERP, our team of experts will give training.


Step 6: The team at Gluon ERP will address the problems such as software setup, hardware acquisition, and software testing in the system installation process.


Step 7: It is important to convert the data and information in the databases to the format used in the new ERP system and to update the servers and networks once the whole process is complete.


With many benefits of ERP software there are some challenges that traditional businesses face while implementing the ERP system let us have a look:

Implementation time

Traditional business does not realize the amount of time consumed during the ERP system implementation. The implementation of the system is systematic, which takes a lot of time to understand and make the whole system smooth and easy to handle for the company owners.

Implementation cost

Another challenge is the cost of the implementation. The cost at the initial stage is not as much as the cost at the end of the whole process. However, the cost depends on the customization, as the higher, the customization the more the cost of the implementation will be.

ERP Vendors

It is important to make the right decision when it comes to choosing the right ERP vendors. The market has over 500 ERP applications. When choosing the perfect ERP application for a company, make sure you go through the previous project of the vendors to have the most productive results.

Maintenance Cost

The operating costs will add to the ERP system. It can fracture an organization if handled lightly. It needs maintenance from time to time, which adds up to the recurring cost.

Bad data

A big failure point for your ERP software can be bad data. Make sure that your supplier can handle data transfer. Also it can manage data integration without sacrificing data quality or data loss.

Communication Issues

Communication issue is another challenge that a traditional might face. The companies are too large to handle for one person when it comes to ERP plans. Do not forget to create ways throughout the process for your staff to give you feedback. Be open to accepting feedback, critiques, and changes, especially from those who use the system regularly.

Psychological challenges

Humans are resistant to improvement, but overcoming psychological problems is very difficult. To embrace the newly introduced ERP system, there will always be doubts, problems, and many reluctant faces in your business. It is, therefore, necessary to support every employee right from the beginning. A successful project manager keeps workers excited about the method, describing the advantages of implementing the ERP beforehand.

Technical Difficulties

Technical roadblock invites for the redesign of an organization’s servers, workstations, and other conventional management systems. To check for compliance with the soon to be introduced ERP program, the entire internal network needs monitoring. Failure to recognize these technological aspects results in a major disaster that interrupts the ERP software’s smooth use.


Now you will be aware of all the challenges that are involved in the ERP implementation. It is time to take all the measures carefully to avoid these challenges and hire GluonERP for the most amazing ERP service at the most affordable prices. Our team makes sure to provide you with the best service of ERP system implementation and to overcome all kinds of problems.


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