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We are in an age where machines are gradually replacing humanity. They are silently taking their place
in the world in the form of algorithms, robots that help at home, and even as desk help solutions with
the capacity to make logical decisions. Although most people do not think it is likely, AI is transforming
the workplace. Let us address the main question here – How AI transforming the workplace.

Understanding what AI is Capable of Doing

First, it is important to define or understand the concept of AI (which is an acronym for Artificial
Intelligence). There are skeptics, who may disagree with this gradual transformation we are seeing in the
world, but it is an undeniable fact РArtificial intelligence  is making things better for workplaces. In 2019, there has been an
upsurge in the use of Artificial intelligence.

We see most of the successful and start business enterprises using Artificial Intelligence in the form of applications and
software. Some of these include:


This is an AI-powered tool, which helps to hire managers and recruiters to write compelling job
descriptions. It collects valuable data from the company's previous job postings, compares it to job
postings by similar companies, and then generates better-worded postings. It also suggests formatting
and wording fixes.

Palatine Analytics

This tool gives managers a means to measure employee performance, and select
the right candidate entitled to a promotion.

AI Eliminates Repetitive Administrative Tasks

Sometimes, company team members waste a lot of time on one activity, like scheduling a meeting and
then coordinating with everyone to attend it. AI can help you sort this out easily. Tools like the X.ai allow
users to schedule, reschedule, and cancel meetings without hassles. Moreover, in a meeting, it can
transcribe, record, and even distribute the meeting notes across the entire meeting attendees. AISense
is another similar AI-powered tool that is for Zoom.

AI Transforming Support and Internal Communication

When support personnel has too much to handle while supporting employees in the team, IT can help
via networking and data sharing. At the same time, these tools are designed to keep the data secure. An
ideal example of an AI-powered tool is Spoke, which allows employees balance their responsibilities and
commitments. In addition, employees can ask this tool for things they need via the web, slack, SMS or
email. Spoke is a friendly AI and provides prompt responses automatically.

AI-Powered tools also help resolve the communication gap in workplaces

The Skype Translator is also a very great solution where there is a bridge in communication due to the
language barrier. It translates the conversation for both parties in the conference call.

AI Transforms Marketing and Customer Services

In the past, humans were always people offering customer support. Today, we see chatbots handling
entire conversations online to offer sales support. This gives workers time to go home and relax while AI
tackles some of the tasks online.

To wrap this up, there is no doubt that AI is the best thing coming to the world in this century.


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