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Task manager integration in ERP

Task manager is one of the most important software in companies today. With growing teams and remote operations, it gets incredibly difficult for people to manage tasks. This, in turn, reduces accountability and raises questions on productivity and employee efficiency. There are a lot of task managers in the market today, with most being cloud-based, it has gotten incredibly easy for anyone to host a website, create minimalist design and pitch to everyone through digital. While most of them are quite reasonably priced and some even free, what makes a perfect task manager? An incredible task manager is the one that integrates with your main ERP. Why? Because then all your activities are synergized and you can always check real productivity, connected to the task manager in real-time.

How can a task manager help scale business

Very often the delays associated with an ERP execution relate to the following:

  • Slow decision making;
  • Unnecessary scope changes;
  • Poor planning of meeting agendas;
  • Undecided scope or poor communication to ERP implementation consultants;
  • Subpar delivery of legacy data.

These issues can be resolved with careful ERP task manager – by both the external ERP implementation consultants and your own internal ERP task manager.

Assuming you have chosen the right ERP implementation partner for your ERP software and your team in incredibly synched on some sort of 3rd party software in the organization.

Very few small to medium-sized companies have dedicated IT or project management skill sets in their business. As a result, they make mistakes in picking the right task manager for their business. On top of that, when introducing a new task manager in the organization, it takes a lot of adaptation and change management within the organization. The resistance to change is incredibly high in organizations, especially in Pakistan.

What are the key features to look when deploying the task manager in the organization?

Let’s look at the features skills.

  • Seam communication;
  • Holistic approach (accounting, operational and technology integration);
  • Highly organized;
  • Scalable;
  • Easy task assigning
  • In-depth reporting
  • Budget vs Actual billing;
  • Scope changes;
  • Communication between the ERP  implementation partner and your business;
  • Role defining
  • Integration with ERP


Appoint a strong internal project manager to manage your ERP integration with Task Manager. If you are looking to a Task Manager that integrates seamlessly with your ERP or, if you are looking for an ERP with Task Manager integration, visit Gluon.



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