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Top Pakistani Industries & How ERP Implementations Can Help Them Grow Even Further

Technology has revolutionized everything in today’s world. Everyone wants to live the perfect lifestyle due to which there is a huge competition among the top-notch Pakistani industries. Some of the biggest Pakistani industries include Fauji Fertilizer industry, Al Ghazi, MCB bank limited, ICI Pakistan LTD, Pakistan Tobacco Company and various other cotton & textile industries. Enterprise resource planning has not only changed the whole work business model but if a business does not have Proper ERP Components there are chances of lesser growth. Due to huge competition among top multinational companies like Coca Cola, Nestle, Pepsi and Unilever small businesses are in at a greater risk. To implement proper business strategies, one needs to consult a consulting firm like GLUON ERP, providing the best ERP system in Pakistan. If you own a rice industry you can go to our website for knowing more about ERP solutions. Let us discuss some of the most common components of an ERP system to gain an insight into how an ERP system can help top Pakistani industries grow.

Common components provided by an ERP system

Cash and Bank Management

There are many ERP components but this is the key component of an ERP system due to which it is safe to make certain transactions required on a day to day basis. If your business does not have a proper system of positive cash flow you are most likely to go in loss because of mismanagement of cash assets. Gluon ERP system provides a smooth transaction of cash on daily basis. Our systems are built to manage the finance department of almost every industry.

Cost saving due to Inventory management

Inventory management is also an important component of an ERP system. In any industry, one needs to ensure that enough inventory is stored in warehouse for immediate usage. Therefore, Our Inventory cloud ERP system helps the business in determining how much inventory is required and what should be the strategy of ordering inventory. Many various methods of ordering an inventory include FIFO and LIFO, Just in time, ABC analysis and perpetual inventory method.

Sales flow and Customer Data Base

In almost every business there is a sales department, whether you are selling a product or a service your business must have a proper record of the sales flow. Gluon ERP provides complete storage of sales flow data with a proper record of all the customers to gain value retention and customer loyalty. We are considered one of the best ERP software company in Pakistan.

Apart from these components an ERP system maintains proper SWOT analysis charts, marketing strategies, business intelligence model and controlling methods. If you are looking for growth in today’s era you need to make sure that you implement an ERP system so you may be able to achieve desired outcomes.