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Productivity Improvement at TUV Austria with Gluon ERP

How Gluon ERP Helped TUV Austria Improve Data Productivity

TUV Austria, known as Moody International until 2013, is a respected organization in the labour market, offering its services to local and international clients and wants to increase their productivity. It competes with many local and international companies and has its offices in more than 150 countries around the world, thanks to its excellence in automation.

TUV Austria focuses on its core competence of supplying technical help to clients in multiple industries. TUV Austria sources supervisors, inspectors, and auditors for projects in various industries in line with high standards of excellence and competence that it adheres to very stringently.

The company has its headquarters based in Europe and Pakistan. An accredited partner organization manages the operations. The company mainly complies with ISO standards and all its processes. Those standards including EMS and Halal certification are set on the same principles. It currently has more than 1500 clients in Pakistan and many more internationally

The company has succeeded in establishing its credibility in major industries including energy, fertilizers, processed foods, and technical sectors. To this date, it has served its clients by providing them with the best-qualified workforce to suit their needs, project requirements, and organizational goals.

Why Should You Choose Gluon ERP?

Before working with Gluon ERP, TUV Austria had employed the Pinnacle ERP system in their organization. Since the company serves more than 1500 clients around the world, the company needed to manage complex data and reports at various levels to improve the productivity.

TUV Austria did not have a very good experience with local software as they were encountering many challenges with the software. Two main reasons were the pain points for the company. Firstly, the software was not updating as per their current needs. Secondly, they were not receiving the kind of support they needed from the support team.

As explained by the company’s representative, “As our work requirements became more complex, we needed software upgrades, but those were not forthcoming. Hence, after waiting for a considerable amount of time we decided to switch to a different provider.

How Was Your Experience with Gluon ERP?

On implementing the Gluon ERP system, we witnessed considerable improvement in our operations on a broad scale. We had only selected the Finance module and found it to be well suited to our requirements. However, we cannot rest on previous achievements, and because our work continues to expand, we require new updates to the software and continued support from the customer services team.

We witnessed an impressive improvement in terms of reporting and the quality of decision-making. Almost 50 percent of our requirements are set and complete already and we are working with the customer support team to achieve the remaining targets. The time that our data entry staff used to spend keyed in data has reduced by nearly half, which has boosted our productivity levels considerably.

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What Are Your Future Expectations with Gluon ERP?

We are also holding high expectations from the cloud-based service as our volume of work is expanding considerably. In the coming months, we hope to sign up for the cloud-based version of Gluon ERP. Hope we’ll enjoy greater flexibility, productivity, and mobility in terms of the services we require.

As a company deeply invested in workforce supply, we remain largely focused on the productivity of our staff. Presently, we need to undertake part of the data entry processed outside the system on Microsoft Excel but hope to migrate completely to Gluon ERP once the changes currently underway are almost complete.

After moving to the cloud version, we hope to resolve most of our productivity concerns and enjoy the entire benefits of a full-scale migration to the cloud-based ERP system.

On the Scale of 1-10, How Would You Rate Gluon ERP?

Our experience from the start to present with Gluon ERP encourages us to give the following scores:

  • Performance of the Gluon ERP system = 8.5
  • Savings = 8
  • Customer Support = 8
  • Communication with Management = 8 (We have built a good rapport and engagement with the management)

What Was Your Reason for Choosing Gluon ERP?

Based on our initial interactions with the Gluon ERP team, we were encouraged by their openness to suggestions from our side and their interest in helping to address our ERP issues. As we mainly wanted to work on the Finance module. So their demonstrations showed us impressed us, and the possibility of adopting a cloud-based version later on. We are happy that we are completely satisfied.

What Positive Change Has TUV Austria Experienced Post Implementing Gluon ERP?

Indeed, the current productivity is much better when you compare it to what we were experiencing before Gluon ERP. We have realized many of the benefits we had expected, especially in terms of improvements in reporting timeliness, speed of data entry, and quality of decision making. At the same time, as the scale, volume, and complexity of work at TUV Austria continue to expand exponentially. We need to plan and work on continuous upgrades to the system.

Our experience with the customer service team at Gluon ERP has been positive so far. We have had many frank and productive discussions with them. We have found them to be much more responsive and attentive to our concerns. Also, they have been very positive about the changes we have requested.


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