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The paint industry is a gigantic industry within itself. Nearly every sector of the market occupies paint in its production elements. For new construction, paint is one of the significant elements included in the development stage.

Formulas are an essential component, often regarded as life/blood for the paint industry. It acquires operations including management of key pieces such as pigments, solvents, additives, and a variety of other ingredients. Besides, it also keeps a check on a different unit of measurement.

However, the paint industry came across unusual challenges with paint formulation. It all begins with fulfilling environmental regulations related to some ingredients and add up modifications up to the customer’s requirements. For this reason, it has become a daunting task for paint manufacturers.

Enterprise Resource Planning, abbreviated as ERP, understands the critical challenges faced by the paint industry. Due to the surplus of operations carried out in the paint industry, it offers extraordinary solutions.

The system offers a built-in formulation management tool, permits the formula scalability tool besides managing quality control, regulation of material, etc.

Read on to know more about the challenges with paint formulation and how Gluon ERP tackles it efficiently.

Dealing with Uncountable Formulations:

Production of paint involves assembling hundreds and thousands of paint formulas. Besides, these formulas comprise of intricate and infinite varieties. Thus, for future reference, one must document, preserve, and save or store these formulas in a common database.

Therefore, to overcome the challenges with paint formulation in paint industry , ERP offers a formula management section. This section offers formulation comparison, control version, material substitution, formula security, formula sizing, and manage multi-level formulas alongside data storage. As a result, information exchanged is smooth.

Satisfy Customer’s Need:

Gone are the days when clients use to pick out the desired color from a catalog. In the present day, a customer asks for ‘unique’, ‘innovative’ or ‘something different.’ Sadly, manufacturers in the paint industry have no choice but to modernize continuously in a never-ending cycle. They are supposed to come with a new color, comprising of unique bases and finishes. However, this is not likely to be easy without the help of ERP.

ERP meets the challenges with paint formulation in an exclusive way. It pays attention to intricate details, such as pH, fineness of grind, viscosity, rate of drying, and texture, which creates high-quality paint.

The ERP R&D module plays a significant part in this invention and accelerates the process well.

Stays Compliant:

ERP performs a detailed analysis of physical properties, which assists manufacturers in staying compliant. Volatile Organic Compound has harmful effects. Thus, paint manufactures are required to implement a constant recalculation that ensures the emission of VOC in the final product. However, this calculation is not as easy as it sounds. It is not a manual job, hence performed by ERP without difficulty.

Improves Efficiency and Credibility:

Audits are a compulsory part of any industry. Thus, in the case of this process, the traceability feature makes it easier. Additionally, this feature not only enhances confidence related to the alertness of unexpected events. Also, save a considerable amount of time and effort during such events in paint industry.

Supports Multi Packaging:

Packing the paint containers is supposed to be in various options, such as in large or small containers as per the requirement. Instead of beginning it from the scratch every time, whenever a new order comes in for the same product, it is easy to assemble multiple BOMs (Bill of Materials) with a single formula.

ERP facilitates this in a stress-free state, supporting multiple packaging of common finished goods.

Maintain Finances:

As an established industry, transactions occur are now and then. ERP makes sure that the transfer of money is as per standard accounting norms.

Prioritize Safety:

Paint manufacturing includes verification of hazardous materials required, managed, handled, and stored with care. Besides, the final product needs shipping carefully. Labels must be accurate, and the process should be as per GHS guidelines. An ERP system efficiently associates values alongside formulas and lends a hand to workers to follow safety directions. Besides, it also originates SDS essential to make sure of safety at users end.


Formulas included in the paint industry are complex yet a significant component. In addition, the challenges with paint formulation have an impact on every manufacturing stage. Thus, to overcome it, the paint industry needs an efficient ERP system, controlling every aspect of the process. One such solution, designed according to your requirement is Gluon ERP.

Get hold of Gluon ERP, and make your life easier while meeting challenges with paint formulation.


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