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Pakistan is known for producing the finest quality of agricultural products across the planet. However, many tasks happen behind the scenes to sustain the quality of the country. Thus, a Cold Storage Industry step in, which helps retain quality, flattens the deterioration and benefits larger storing life.

Unarguably, Cold Storage Industry in Pakistan deals with many challenges and, thus, raising the demand for an efficient ERP management system. The challenges include inefficient manual work alongside management glitches. Additionally, operational difficulties, such as sending notifications and reminders, are quite common. All these problems were accompanied by a government set of regulations requiring a high-quality environment.

For this reason, the GluonERP system was introduced. The system functions to upsurge the quality of info and achieve 99.9 percent accuracy to benefit the Cold Storage Industry.

How ERP Management System achieve accuracy?

The ERP management system aims to achieve accuracy by obtaining the following measures:

·   Manage inventory cycle:

The ERP management system monitors the inventory cycle and generates reports to reach a decision. Moreover, it depicts every detail about previous orders, purchases, or deliveries. Besides, it also helps the cold storage industry to compare the stocks and revenues over time. In difficult times, like the one we are in, knowing what the demand is and maintaining the inventory is crucial for cold storage companies.

·   Regulate import operations:

The integrated system keeps track of payments, customs duties, and account updates. It incorporates the input menus are which track all the details with a single tracking number. Additionally, it also keeps a check on import-related cost details, including duty, broker, freight fees, and more. Therefore, using an ERP system in cold storage industry increases accuracy in data and helps regulate importation operations.

·   Mange information concerning management:

The ERP management system incorporates features that assist in data integration and exchange among all the users. Thus, it includes project managers, people from the sales department, engineers, purchasers, and quality assurance team members.

·   Accelerate the growth of the business:

The ERP management system brings together operations across the planet for Cold Storage Industry. It helps the industry to make fast and informed pronouncements and adapts to altered marketing demands. Thus, it results in acquiring rapid business progress, which is beneficial to the industry. Proper management, easy access to information, and centralized data allow better business decision making.

·   Manages finances smartly:

The efficient system manages the finances of the industry. It helps in the allocation, maintenance of the finances concerning the Cold Storage Industry.

How ERP Management System benefits the Cold Storage Industry?

Gluon ERP management system deals with the challenges of the Cold Storage Industry efficiently. This thereby facilitates as much as 99.9% accuracy in data and better management. It takes care of the warehouse and retrieval management system to track down all the details related to an item. Additionally, it also keeps track of up-to-date information related to stocks.

The ERP management system includes reminders about payment, and clearance invoices, sent to purchasers, vendors, etc. The system involves minimum administrative involvement, which lessens the cost and enhances the quality of the production in cold storage industry.


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