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Textile Industry is a very complicated industry to run and requires many people to run smoothly. What if, we tell you that we have an ERP solution for textile industry for all your problems? The majority of textile businesses are moving towards the textile industry as it makes your job easier. It helps you reduce the cost of hiring employees and increase your time.

What is ERP?

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. ERP is a software, which organizes the everyday tasks different organizations do such as Finance, Sales, Purchase, POS, Inventory, Import, HRM, Manufacturing, CRM Services, Assets, and Security. Nowadays ERP systems are crucial for managing thousands of businesses of all sizes and in all industries. To all companies, ERP is as important as oxygen is for humans.

Role of Our ERP Solution for Textile Industry

The textile industry is full of complicated and heavy processes such as manufacturing, distribution, etc. To help with processes like these, sales, and finance we have an ERP solution for you. We, at Gluon cloud ERP have an all in one solution for your business. Let us tell you how we have an ERP solution for textile industry and in what areas it can help you out.


ERP helps manage the finance of your business in different methods. An ERP solution for textile industry makes cost management better and allows employees to accurately define the budget and allocate costs to different projects. With an ERP system, you can easily make paying salaries, payments to clients, and manage many other processes. You can make sure your employees are working in multiple departments. This will minimize the cost of hiring different employees and help save time.

You can consider ERP a financial management system that ensures that every customer payment is on time. It makes sure that the business’s revenue is tracked. GluonERP has an inbuilt CRM (or Customer Relationship Management) system that helps you manage customers better using reminders and attending to them. It manages budgeting, profit tracking, cost analysis, invoice tracking, and investments as tracking capabilities have increased, and payment and billing systems have become automated.

Using Gluon ERP solution for textile industry allows businesses to maintain finances better by having complete information, whenever needed by the employees. As financial data needs special security, ERP makes sure that the information is safeguarded and accessed by explicit people.


Outreach speed is very important and ERP has a solution for that in the textile industry. The most efficient sales are decided by your outreach speed. How well your sales team delivers the right information at the right time to the right customer affects your sales processes. This is where ERP solution for textile industry comes in.

ERP systems offer different facilities but one, in particular, is very important and that is the ability to quickly organize and start an order. If your ERP system cannot do this, you are putting your sales team at a disadvantage here.


Work teams put huge efforts into maintaining coordinating with suppliers, purchasing, making a purchase history, checking inventory, and so on. An ERP makes buying easier by automating these chores and providing you with accurate real-time data. This will increase your productivity.  Increased productivity means better utilization of materials, cost-savings, and business growth for the future. The right ERP solution for textile industry can put you on the right path to accomplishment, and give you the tools you need to help you boost productivity and take your business to the next level.


Gluon ERP helps manage the inventory better and enable businesses to handle inventory with minimal errors, thereby increasing efficiency. It ensures accurate data for better performance.

Inventory management allows you to organize and plan your orders properly. You need accurate inventory data so that you can take the viable step to take your business to the next level.

Now you know how ERP has solutions for the Textile Industry. Our world is moving towards automation and you will be putting your business and your team at a disadvantage if you do not have ERP software for your business.


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