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The best Automated ERP solution in Lahore is the GLUON ERP system. If you are looking for the best automated ERP software for manufacturers, then you are in the right place. We are the leading software solution provider and have provided multiple companies with GLUON ERP software. We make your business more efficient in terms of its operating system and productivity. Our team has worked for textile companies, pharmaceutical companies, rice companies, steel companies, engineer companies, cold house companies, chemical companies, and food companies.

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  • Through this Automated ERP, you can monitor the progress of daily production. When all job order material is complete, you can send it to dispatch for the distribution. The production plan reports will be a part of this section.
  • Taking complete ownership over the company processes and not having any replay over entries is only achievable if you encourage cliché technologies to take over rather than doing it manually.

Importance of an Automated ERP software in Lahore

It is essential to understand the need for ERP software for business. ERP software is not something new it first came into action in the 1960s. But over time, where the latest technological advancements have taken place, Artificial intelligence has also gained some popularity. The ability to make decisions with the help of an ERP system has improved. It is easy to figure out ways to increase your business’s profit and its workflow. The best ERP solution in Lahore is typically made up of various programs coordinated together. For example, there would be a separate ERP application for sales and a separate application for accounting. However, all of them will be able to view the same information and will be able to access it. The size of the business does not matter an Automated ERP software will be beneficial for both. It is advantageous for retailers, wholesalers, and manufacturers.

Let us have a look at the main reason to have a GLUON ERP software installed in your organization:

Data management

One of the main benefits of implementing an Automated ERP program is that it significantly enhances data management. Rather than wasting hours maintaining a sale record or monitoring the budget, you should use the Automated ERP program to simplify the operation. One thing which makes Automated ERP programs more effective is that the data from the various parts of the company were coordinated. For example, anytime you have a transaction, it is immediately logged into the POS system, and this data is made accessible to the accounting department. Therefore, instead of spending time recording details and juggling accounts, your workers will invest their energy on more meaningful things that increase the productivity of the company. Generally, ERP structures improve efficiency in this and other respects.

Balancing financial inventory

There are situations where you might miss some important data that can cause a situation within the organization. The main problem of this issue is that unless data management. ERP programs will fix this by automating the data management process by building a network of data across the various divisions of the company. The knowledge offered by Automated ERP assures that there are no errors and that you can access financial information in real-time.


In recent years, competition between companies has rapidly increased. You need to make fast decisions to focus on new industry developments. But such decisions cannot be made without rapid and reliable business insights. This is where ERP systems come. By presenting you with an analysis of your market, you can quickly spot opportunities and capitalize on them. Also, as mentioned above, some of the new Automated ERP systems come with machine learning technology that helps the platform to anticipate patterns and take you ahead of the competition.

Keep customers happy

In every business keeping your customers happy can be challenging. If you fail to do so, you will reduce profit. This is where the ERP software jumps in. It improves customers’ experience and provides them with the best ERP software for manufactures.

Implementation of an Automated ERP system in an organization

If you understand the value of Automated ERP programs and suggest incorporating them into your company, it is necessary to remember that there is a correct way and a wrong way to do so. Below are several things to take into consideration to ensure that an Automated ERP program is correctly enforced in your company.

Now let us have a look at the implementation of best ERP software for manufactures:

Division within the company

It is very important to determine which department needs an Automated ERP software installation. The tool varies for each type of organization. So, by deciding what exactly the business requirements are, choose the right kind of Automated ERP software.

Choose the best ERP solution in Lahore

GLUON ERP software is highly recommended by many because of its excellent performance. Our professionals provide you with the best service. Go through our features and then make a choice. Our experts know about implementing this program for companies. We have all the technical skills available to work with any problems you may face.

Characteristics of GLUON ERP system

Modular Design

The modular design of the ERP framework involves different company modules, such as manufacturing, financial, accounting, and supply. The growing module keeps track of the multiple tasks of a particular segment or department inside your company. Whereas these modules can be separate, they are integrated in such a way as to provide a smooth flow of data between the different modules. In the end, this would increase the operating consistency offered by the standard software.

Central Common Database

The introduction of a unified database management system, often named DBMS, is an essential aspect of a useful ERP framework. All data is accessed and processed just once and only utilized concurrently by all agencies. This will help to eliminate the flaws associated with the use of a database system.

Flexible and Open Database

Organizations are different. Some of them are dynamic, which is where Automated ERP systems offer flexibility in responding to the company’s changing needs. Such systems have an open system design that allows each module to connect or remove and when necessary without disrupting the other modules.

Automatic Generation of Information

The Automated ERP program offers corporate analysis services such as strategic management programs, decision-support systems, and more. Such helps allow manufacturing operations to make informed decisions about their whole development phase. All financial and business details will be automatically created from the data already entered while in the centralized database of the best ERP solution in Lahore.

Industries in which ERP system by GLUON ERP software is serving:

Engineering industry

Engineering has become a powerful sector that pushes development and creativity in the world. The engineering sector is brimming with innovative new technologies and prospects. The electronics sector faces difficulties in handling problems, much as many sectors do. In an industry that is leading the world in creativity, the transition has been the only constant component. So, Gluonerp is helping the engineering industry to make the right decision, automate the whole business process, and lastly managing daily operations.

Chemical industry

The businesses that function or intend to function in this area need a personalized business strategy to streamline their complex operations. The uncertainty will cause difficulties for every company and can become a significant prevention factor in the chemical field. With its strong analytical capabilities and powerful processing ability, it lets the chemical industry in Pakistan make huge leaps forward. The industry-specific approach considered to have all applications incorporated. It processes complete data points and streamlines all operations, thereby assisting decision-makers in making informed decisions about critical business matters.

Pharmaceutical industry

As the pharmaceutical sector is a competitive business, you have to practice the best standards to successfully implement quality, time control, actionable information, and activities. Most businesses encountered major challenges in running the company’s activities in terms of product management, monitoring the expiry dates, and controlling the logistics. Gluonerp platform helps the pharmaceutical industry to combine manufacturing processes in different units and offers effective market restructuring. It also helps to keep track of the company’s major and ultimate operations such as quality, standard, costing, compliance, etc.

Food industry

Food industries have learned and grown demand into business, and are already producing products that meet consumers’ demands, giving them the best outcome. Our Automated ERP program reviews all the specifics of the inventory and automatically alerts the client whether the stock or delivery is small and often track the product’s shelf life so that there is little or no loss.

Textile industry

Currently, multiple textile companies are experiencing a variety of difficulties at both the Micro and Macro levels, monitoring their inventory, resource planning and coordination, output schedules, and payroll administration. To make the process simple and effective, starting from the pre-production stage and moving on to the manufacture of the products. Industries such as Textile rely heavily on human capital, and handling them is a challenge that relies on time and energy. Use a method that is suitable for this framework; textile owners would be able to quantify their human capital by effective quality assurance and time management while designing a daily process that is so robust as to improve human precision with the usage of human resources.

Steel industry

The industry must perform a few complex processes and tasks to deliver the final output. It is becoming a challenge for the steel industry to meet and maintain demand and supply at a time when the infrastructure project is showing encouraging growth. Raw materials are frequently scarce, with increasing prices, resulting in strong demand for their existence in a global industry. This popular aspect of the Gluon ERP solution enables factories to conduct their essential manufacturing activities, from production to raw material management, accompanied by production and transportation of such manufacturing orders.

So, after much informative research, it would have made it easy for you to understand how important Automated ERP software for the businesses is. It not only monitors or handles the business inventories, but it helps each department to work separately but stay connected to each other. GLUON ERP provides its customers with the best Automated ERP software in Lahore without any extra charges.

We provide you with the best possible rates depending on the type of company you are running. Moreover, we take full responsibility for each and everything you demand during an ERP software installation. As you all know, this is a long process, and it takes quite a lot of time to set the whole system up. So, there are possibilities that companies might charge you extra money, but with the GLUON ERP system, you get everything at an affordable price without any additional hidden charges. We are here to provide you with the best of our services. Our team of professionals who cater to all your problem and demands.

We are looking forward to helping you.


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