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It is ordinary among business/company owners to think that the digital transformation process is complete after the execution of the enterprise resource planning system.

Well, it is a misconception.

The execution of the enterprise resource planning system is just the beginning, which follows a question, ‘now what’?

Better storage and organization of data guide companies and helps them to enhance their decision process. Additionally, for the past two decades, the implementation of an enterprise resource planning system does this. However, not all companies have benefitted from the system and are still considering ways to make it smarter.

Thus, to enhance the system, it needs to reintegrate with smart technologies, includes AI, Blockchain, etc.

In this blog, look at important technologies. If included in an enterprise resource planning system, helps it to become more intelligent.

5 Tools that Make Enterprise Resource Planning System More Intelligent

Here are five tools that make our enterprise resource planning system better than other ERPs.

·  Integration of Sensor Technology:

Over the planet, sensors support devices to communicate with one another. Internet of Things (IoT) based sensors functions improve fieldwork operation and industrial performance. Additionally, it delivers product maintenance to clients, too.

The execution of the enterprise resource planning system alongside sensor technologies improves business in terms of analytical maintenance. As a result, it boosts the level of customer satisfaction. On the other hand, when it comes to industrial work it addresses safety issues. A sensor integrated keeps an eye on the hazardous situation.

Additionally, the implementation of sensors is in manufacturing units. This unit works to enhance the quality of the product and ensure a stress and error-free manufacturing process. Thus, with the integration of sensor technology, these functions are automatic, controlled by employers.

·  Add Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial intelligence-based applications can be included alongside enterprise resource planning system to help tools to acquire smart capabilities. Established ERP vendors deliver chat and communication tools. However, one can modify them further for authentication. For an in-depth insight and authentication, you can include an emotion and face recognition tool and language processing tool.

Integration of such features enhances existing ERP functionalities. AI tools can also be customized according to business needs to achieve unique and intelligent solutions.

·  Include Text Analysis:

The software included for text analysis helps in the understanding of textual data, social media conversations, and client interactions. It includes a feature of language processing, which helps to recognize hidden themes and ideas. Thus, these also push customers to behave in a certain manner.

Besides, it also helps to enhance your sales and strategize marketing efforts while providing top-notch customer service. Quite a several companies that include text analysis have reportedly acquired better sales with enhanced return clients.

Thus, for this reason, it is included in the system to create a better environment for the customer’s interaction.

·  Incorporate Block Chain-based Authentication:

Blockchain-based authentication functions to make sure that unauthorized transactions do not occur. For this reason, it follows a specific automatic portal. As a result, it lessens the number of liabilities and risks.

Once it combines with the enterprise resource planning system, it follows specific instructions when standards are applied. Thus, this erases the heightened possibilities of frauds and errors. Additionally, it makes sure that financial transactions are productively taking place.

Thus, this unique feature helps your business improve financially while keeping a check. Therefore, certainly, the smartest thing to implement in the company’s enterprise resource planning system.

·  Integrate Predictive Analysis:

A predictive analysis system is included in the enterprise resource planning system to predict upcoming trends. It offers a detailed insight into businesses. Additionally, with its inclusion, accurate sales forecasts are developed, and marketing trends are recognized beforehand.

Besides, the feature also helps to predict outcomes based on preexisting data, missed by regular tools. It helps businesses to get hold of raw materials at a lesser cost price before they run of stock. In simpler words, the inclusion boosts the graph of sales by keeping stock ready whenever the demands are spillover. Additionally, this particularly benefits the business of e-commerce. Such business relies on timely delivery of items and keeping products ready on demand and supply.


The execution of the enterprise resource planning system has revolutionized several industries. Hence, it is one of the most useful tools implemented ever.

However, there is always a chance for improvement. Thus, the inclusion of newer and latest technologies enhances it, which may not be part of the ERP’s default setting. To make it more intelligent, you can include sensor technologies. Sensor technologies function to boost the company’s performance by improving work operation.

Next, you can make use of artificial intelligence, which helps in better authentication. Further, add-on text analysis features to work on the relationship between you and your customers. Other than that, Blockchain authentication makes sure, if an authorized transaction occurs or not. However, speaking of insight, make use of predictive analysis.


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