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Technology is consistently changing over the years. Above all, advancement in technology has led to the growth and development of the world. It has become easier for each individual to follow their dreams and to run a successful business in the pharmaceutical sector with the help of an ERP system.

The question is what ERP system is and how it is effective for a pharmaceutical company to export their medicine. ERP software helps in boosting the business automatically with less effort and energy. In Pakistan, Gluon ERP software is one of the most reliable and effective ERP systems to boost any kind of business in the Pharmaceutical Sector. It is effective in any kind of industry in Pakistan.

Are you running a business in Pharmaceutical Sector? If the answer to the above question is a yes, then you have reached the right place. This article is about how the ERP system plays an important role in running a pharmaceutical business.

So let us discuss how the exports of medicine can revive the pharmaceutical industry in Pakistan with help of gluon ERP software.

Pharmaceutical Sector: A Delightful Business to Run

It is very important to know that the Pharmaceutical Sector is one of the most developed industries in Pakistan. According to research, our pharmaceutical sector exports around 200$ million worth of products all over the world. This industry keeps on advancing health care products to facilitate the citizen of the country.

To run a pharmaceutical company in Pakistan, a company needs a proper management system to export its product. This is because the competition and risk of failure are quite high in this sector. Gluon ERP system is one of the most effective and trustworthy software for the better operations of the company.

Pakistan has the honor to be a pharmaceutical hub that produces medications. According to the research, the export rate of medicine increases every year and maintains a good reputation globally. Above 750 pharmaceutical organizations works in Pakistan and export trade quality medicines. Pharmaceutical Sector employs generally women and supports a whole chain of providers for its creative activities. Leading exporters of medicine in Pakistan are from Karachi and Lahore.

A pharmaceutical company needs three main things that are a license to manufacture. These are a GMP compliance report, and a product Bio equivalency, and a reliable ERP system to maintain the operations of the export. So let us discuss how the ERP system helps a pharmaceutical company to grow.

Importance of ERP Software in Pharmaceutical Sector

Export of medicine is a very sensitive matter because it relates to the health of people. A company should require a proper management system that can record all the data including the manufacturing of medicine and expiry date. A little error can affect the lives of the individual. If a pharmaceutical company runs the system manually, it is very difficult for a firm to stay in the market. A proper system is required to run a pharmaceutical company and mark its name in the Pharmaceutical Sector.

Managing Daily Records with Ease

Almost all organizations carry out day-to-day operations, recorded on daily basis. With the help of Gluon ERP software, you can easily review all the activities in a form of a dashboard. It helps to examine the number of chemicals available in the warehouse, monitor the purchasing material, and export products. It is possible to record all the data by clicking on one single dashboard.
If you have to boost your business in this sector, Gluon ERP software is the best option to manage the business.

Supervision of Employees

ERP system provides you a proper management system including the supervision of the employees. The ERP software has made things very easy for the company. It provides possible solutions by tracking the employee’s overall performance and revenue of the business. It also provides a smooth flow of interaction between employees and customers.

For a pharmaceutical company, it is very important to keep the database secure and confidential.

Gluon ERP software provides a secure platform where an authorized person has access to look after important information.

The pharmaceutical business is quite difficult to manage because it is one of the highly controlled industries in Pakistan. There are many challenges to export an effective medicine safely. It all depends on the effective management system. To avoid all the errors, the company should implement the Gluon ERP system to increase the export of their medicines. Many pharmaceutical companies implemented this software for distribution functions, quality assurances, inventory management, accounting, and batch manufacturing.

Gluon ERP system will handle data from the initial order until the expiry date. It helps automate the sales and billing system of the firm to excel in Pharmaceutical Sector.

The Module of ERP Software in Pharmaceutical Company

Let us discuss the main module of why the ERP system is required to increase the exports of medicine in Pakistan.

Inventory management

With the help of ERP software, the inventory situation is clear and a company is aware of the shortage of material before time.

Overview the stock

The Gluon ERP system records all the information whether it is the history of a stock or purchase and is dispatched to the other companies.

Reminder of expiry

The ERP software will manage to keep a record of the expired medicines so there is no risk of exporting wrong medicines to the citizens and affect their health.

Improved Transparency

It helps in improving transparency in the business that includes it tries to eliminate human errors and optimized operating cost. It also helps in recording the profit and loss of the business automatically to save your time and energy.

Exports of medicine in Pakistan are one of the highly competitive business and fragile industry. One company should require a proper management system to run this business. With the Gluon ERP system, you can have the best highlights for your organization.

It will assist the association with expanding its proficiency and efficiency. With the assistance of the specialists, you can plan down all the significant prerequisites required for the Pharmaceutical business. If you run a pharmaceutical business, you can easily contact us to get help to implement the ERP software. The software provides you the best services and gives you the best results.


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