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The Ultimate List of ERP Questions (FAQ)

What Is ERP Software Package?

ERP software package is recommendable for all the areas of the business that includes finance, accounting, human resource, inventory management, warehouse management, goods and services, and manufacturing. For the best ERP software Pakistan, you must consider Gluon ERP because our team of professionals provides you with the best of its services. To buy ERP software you first must be clear about the need and its importance in an organization. Where you run the system on the multiple sources ERP helps you run your data on a single source which also eliminates the duplication. Another important reason to

Use an ERP system is to improve your business’s insight. It also lowers the cost of operations. Human error is much lesser with this software. So, it is a complete ERP package that boosts your business capabilities and productivity. Some examples of ERP software Lahore are SAP, and Oracle.

What Is the Difference Between ERP and MRP?

There is a slight difference between an ERP system and an MRP system. An ERP software can integrate with other modules, whereas, MRP System works alone as it is a solo software. ERP software is expensive than MRP because ERP software Pakistan can perform functions for multiple departments whereas MRP, is less expensive and only related to the manufacturing department. MRP is simpler and easy to use whereas, ERP is a complex system and it is technical to understand. If an organization looks for a solution that covers several business processes, then ERP is certainly the alternative. For businesses that simply need a manufacturing solution, then MRP is the software for you. Gluon ERP is the best option if you plan to buy ERP software as we manage the whole process smoothly and at a much lower cost.

Is CRM Part Of ERP?

CRM is amongst the five pillars of ERP. CRM is basically responsible for managing the customers where ERP is responsible to manage the business. They are somewhat interconnected when it comes to running an organization. CRM is inclined towards the sales side of the business, whereas, ERP takes care of the multiple departments.

For the best ERP software Lahore, Gluon ERP should be taken into consideration. We manage both CRM and ERP. In any business customer relationship management is one of the most important aspects to keep in mind. To make this all work smoothly you need to understand what is your customer’s demand?

CRM software provides tech solutions for better communication amongst the entire organization. So, when you plan to buy ERP software you should get CRM software too because that will take care of your clients where ERP will take care of your business. For complete ERP software Pakistan, you must research well before you make a choice. Whether you want to get CRM software or ERP software you should be aware of the pricing as well as about all its features.

What Kind of Companies Use ERP Software?

Many businesses small and large uses ERP software for better functionality. Implementing an ERP system can be a daunting task but Gluon ERP software Pakistan has made it easy for you. The companies which use ERP software are

  • Manufacturers companies
  • Big retailers
  • Third-party logistics

Manufacturers companies

Many small and large manufacturers companies rely on ERP software Lahore for production, accounting, and purchasing. It provides companies with effective communication facilities between the different departments of the organization. ERP also helps the manufacturers to make the right inventory decisions in real-time.

Big retailers

Most retailers use ERP software to easily communicate information between a retailer and the distributor. The retailers are responsible to manage the inventory that is coming in the business so and ERP system makes it easy to manage the whole data.

Third-party logistics

Many logistics suppliers from third parties use ERP systems to handle the internal company requirements and external customer needs.

ERP software Lahore has made the smooth running of the business for the industry like these.

Why Do Companies Use ERP?

Companies use ERP software in Pakistan for the smooth running of the business. A company uses the system for better productivity internally as well as externally. Modern ERP for the supply chain here improves the process from internal to external supplies. It will also manage products and services with the latest ERP tools.

It becomes easier to handle other services required throughout the supply chain within the companies. We all know that ERP software lets us make better choices and make better decisions. So, when you get an ERP system in Lahore you get more productive market operation and more importantly more effective inventory management. In an age in which employees have to multi-task, do something in less time, it is a requirement to get resources that can make major tasks such as accounting easier. Buy ERP software from Gluon ERP because that is the right place for your business’s successful future. At Gluon we take care of all your demands.

What Are the Benefits of ERP?

The benefits include:

Improve customer service

It increases your business’ productivity and enhances customer service. You can only expand your company if you look after your clients. Using an ERP software Pakistan will boost support to clients. It sticks to the essential things when it comes to customer’s needs and what they need. The most competitive in this digital era are companies with high customer service satisfaction.

Increase sale and profits

When you buy ERP software this will increase the sales and profits of the company. The pricing and product and services change every year so and ERP software helps in the management as well as to keep a record of the revenue of the company.

Reduced labor cost

It needs automation and precision that eliminates all operating costs and all administrative costs. All the company’s departments will connect to the central database signal which will automatically minimize the cost. Instead of having to pay people’s salaries, choosing the right ERP software Lahore helps you to save money and spend it on the business’s most critical aspects. Choose Gluon ERP for the best service.

What Are Examples of ERP Software?

The topmost examples of ERP software Lahore are:

Oracle ERP cloud

Oracle is a dynamic software used by multiple businesses. This cloud ERP system uses artificial intelligence and machine learning which can easily automate everyday tasks. This tool is very flexible which can meet the needs of your business. No matter what your business size is it works perfectly when it comes to managing your financial service, manufacturing, and retail.


SAP Revolutionizes enterprise processes with an integrated cloud ERP system capable of analytics, automation process, artificial intelligence, and more. The sales performance management feature, which can track the performance of salespeople and introduce reward and commission management systems, is one of the most common features of SAP.

To buy ERP software you have to do some research. Gluon ERP is the most reliable company which not only enhances your business’s productivity but will also increase profitability.

What Does an ERP System Cost?

For the most reliable and affordable packages of ERP systems, you can now look up to Gluon ERP software Lahore. The cost of the ERP system various from the size of the business to its requirements and department’s needs. Each department requires maintenance and hardware training once the ERP software installation is complete. The cost differs from PKR 1 million to 30 million. But this cost is for the whole process which you might have to pay throughout the installation process. You will have to keep updating the inventory information and manufacturing process so that you can keep

A proper record of what is going on in the company how much better it is doing with ERP software Pakistan. If your business is small and you just require some basic updates the cost will be around RS. 30,000 to 50,000. But if it is a large-scale business the price will be more.

Is SAP the Best ERP Software?

SAP is no doubt one of the best ERP software Pakistan as it has the highest rank amongst the other ERP vendors. SAP is effective for both small and large businesses as it provides a complete solution once implemented. It also provides solutions for cloud software such as PayPal. SAP is the best because it works will all types of industries which makes it popular in many countries.

However, now you can buy ERP software Lahore instead of SAP software from Gluon ERP because the service is outstanding and reliable. Cost reduction is achievable by increasing the use of resources. Risk is essential for the implementation of any new software system that is why GluonERP solutions are the best ERP software.

Various industries such as banking, manage inventory, and accounting is it. Gluon ERP is operating effectively by allowing its customers to go further and cut costs by improving its core products and applying new technologies innovatively.

Which Are the Most Popular ERP Vendors?

The most popular ERP software Lahore vendors is Microsoft. It provides a fully integrated system for supply chain, reporting, and manufacturers.

Infor is another ERP vendor that has set a bar in different industries. It is one of the leading cloud computing software that takes care of the distribution, field service, and manufacturing.

For more than 25 years, Epicor has been a pioneer in ERP software Lahore, with an emphasis on the manufacturing, distribution, retail, and service industries. Like many software development companies, they have their origins in financial reporting before starting to integrate CRM tools into their packages.

Although Sage provides ERP software for large enterprises, there are still various provides for small to mid-sized enterprises. Sage is known to be the third-largest supplier which has improved the entire ERP system’s implementations.

Buy ERP software from Gluon ERP for a better understanding of the entire system and its vendors.

Which ERP Is in Demand?

The most popular ERP software Lahore which are in demand these days are SAP and Oracle. ERP deployment is now the best practice for putting all company processes into a single, reasonable approach and automating the functions of the back office. Every business is now more integrated and interdependent than ever before. That is why every organization needs an ERP system to enhance internal business processes and monitor projects and resources. SAP Business One is a comprehensive solution that lets users deal affordably with all facets of their business.

It supports inventory, accounting and finance, project management, procurement, sales, customer service, finance, and human resources. Oracle ERP software Pakistan offers a centralized place where business processes can be handled and displayed through an enterprise. Using dashboards helps users to view the information in real-time. It also provides specialized resources to streamline workflows and a lot more. To fulfill the ERP demands, buy ERP software from Gluon ERP.

What Are the Three Main Reasons Firms Adopt ERP?

One reason to buy ERP software, which often goes unnoticed, is how it relates well to regulatory compliance with the manufacturing industry. Strong ERP systems Pakistan is designed for tracking regulatory changes and keeping track of company developments. This helps customers and businesses to stay up to date as they refer to workflows of laws, legislation, standards, and specifications. Secondly, An ERP software eliminates paperwork user operation, enabling the organization to manage documents on secure servers in a more structured manner, and simplifies them on a single page. This transformation provides the ability to track and handle every piece of information that comes through the network to facilitate business management. Thirdly, you can have the best manufacturing ERP software Lahore with Gluon ERP software which will increase the quality of your business as well as its performance. We give you the power to get your company automated in no time.

How Does ERP Fit with E-Commerce and Supply Chain Management?

Modern ERP software Lahore completely integrates with supply chain e-commerce technologies such as e-procurement, manufacturing, distribution, delivery, seller- and buyer-oriented payment systems and exchanges, etc. It also aims to research some of the e-SCM-related problems alongside their solutions and practices. Supply chain management has been an important part of the ERP strategies implemented by many organizations.

Manufacturers need to work with different vendors and partners to deliver the raw materials and services to the market at the right time and at the right amount to carry finished products. ERP software Pakistan faces a range of challenges due to innovations and specifications in e-commerce. Gluon ERP is the best place to buy ERP software for your company which perfectly manages the supply chain management system and fits with e-commerce given how quickly the tech world is moving forward.

How Can I Use ERP Software to Enhance the Efficiency of the Supply Chain Management System During a Lockdown?

The most-used effective Supply Chain Management System in Lahore is Gluon ERP, which helps the business to run steadily and smoothly even when Covid-19 has shut down all the businesses worldwide, by streamlining its path from suppliers to the customers.

The Supply Chain Management System can control the extra expense and take care of the customer demands with the help of an effective ERP system, which automizes the whole system and decrease the cost of the process.

Moreover, ERP software can improve the processing of both external and internal supplies, which are important for the efficiency of any business. All products and services are controlled by ERP, which also ensures to provide other resources needed through the supply chain. Moreover, the performance of businesses has become more digitized with the help of ERP software in Lahore, which tends to opt for more better and reliable decisions. Business owners going for effective supply chain decisions will also promote transparency throughout the system.

How ERP Forecasting Tools will predict the future of business?

A business should buy an operative and practical ERP software such as Gluon ERP, which requires the data of the company that is mostly the feedback of the clients. By using that data, ERP software will generate amazing results via its forecasting tools. The business then can predict the demands of the customers in the future.

When a new product is launched in the market, ERP forecasting tools help in predicting any problem you might experience. It also predicts the number of sales; a company is going to have in the upcoming months. The ERP software collects information; it is either the actual details or the professional intelligence data. After the identification and collection of data, you must choose the forecasting model depending on the complexity and quality of the collected data. Two types of forecasting models are available: Qualitative and quantitative forecasting that helps you attain the best possible forecast.

How Can ERP Software Eliminate Corruption From The Public Sector?

No one can deny the persisting problems of corruption and fraud, which are now the part of every system and every nation. Therefore, it has now become important for government agencies to prevent the spread of such issues by using technology. ERP software in Lahore like Gluon ERP can eliminate corruption and help in increasing efficacy and data security of day-to-day businesses. Some of the ways are mentioned here, which can eradicate corruption by using ERP software.

Government agencies can get assistance from the ERP system in Lahore to make sure that their employees sincerely follow all the legal rules and regulations and practice the best values and norms. Automated processes should be introduced in the business that helps in eliminating corruption, for example, electronic fund transfer will help in eliminating the risks through manual payments because there are chances of modification in documents in a manual system.

Moreover, the ERP system can play an important role in the eradication of corruption by promoting access rights to only specific persons with the help of biometrics. In this way, you can prevent theft and misuse of sensitive data.

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